I 'shocked' heavy when discovered the truth abortion of sister-in-law

Say this is a shame but I don't know what to do with her new sister-in-law. How much doubt in the hearts make me very uncomfortable. The advice I have to live with her sister-in-law for this here.

My sister-in-law this year 25 years old, very pretty, once known as the hot girl. My brother dead dead tired it from these guys this year should not be love. Feedback to pursue the girl, brother I ever sad, melancholy when emotionally rejected harsh. Until recently she's changed attitude, quickly accepted the love of boys.

About a month later, they were informed that there were elected, bringing both paper visit pregnant about for family viewing. My parents at that happy, agrees to marry soon to soon to be closing a grandson. I am not what narrow-minded prejudices people have with sister-in-law but only after 2 weeks, I was starting to doubt her sister-in-law has problems.

Married, screamed one Strawberry is located urge others in the room. The mother of my husband interested enquire, it calls for tired, want to rest. I am the sister-in-law, see you then ... so tired pregnancy work, even dry all clothing for sister-in-law. Incidentally, I found it has pocket the tampons. Born, I ask straight then sister-in-law cold fishy face, answered a brief sentence: "I just abortion .".

I am stunned she didn't understand what that family hide away doing the Tay Sun. Immediately, I talked with my parents and brother. When both home and though an egypian on why abortion without talking nothing, at least with my husband, then it answered before meandering stiff attitude of both the House, finally go supersonic sister-in-law, doctors say the fetus is not normal, it's best to leave. Sister-in-law also didn't specify any abnormality.

When asked to ultrasound results and consultation book it said because of the sad too should have thrown away.

When asked to ultrasound results and consultation book it said because of the sad too should have thrown away. In front of the House, it just said just crying cause someone who looked very painful also. Because his sister-in-law cried commercial carpet too so nobody dared to ask all add something. My parents, who immediately believed, even told both not repeat it again for fear of affecting the psychology of the strawberry. Also my brother is probably being blind makes love, it also does not suspect anything. After that, it's more in love with my wife the afternoon out.

The only thing I feel is wrong. This life has no mother would ring his blood drops leaving mind. That though there must not leave quietly, doing themselves in pain, while her husband and her husband's parents also touch my touch. This strange action there must be due to my sister-in-law in cold blood, or any other cause.

Just then my minutes to see a friend from the time three level, understand about the sister-in-law. You tell me a truth made me tall people. Sister-in-law had a deep love of heavy and they lived together for years. Sister-in-law abortion twice because of loose lifestyle. Then the two split up and only 1 week after it received lyrics love me son ...

As of now, I am not sure whether the baby's bad number that grandchildren of my family, or my brother just people poured shells for other guys. From then after knowing the past of his sister-in-law, I've permanently altered the attitude with it. I can't tell my parents and brother and also don't know to live with her sister-in-law how this ...=