I will win to return to the English side of cancer

I was born and grew up in a family of intellectuals. The siblings are both by industry of parents, only I do not want to live under cover of the three. I want independence, although the family objected, I remain determined to contest on the faculty. I'm out of school, three sent me to do State agencies. Again I'm not in my three. I left my hometown up in Saigon, determined to abandon the body parts of her wealthy family, Emirates starts working. I used living in hostels, eat curb. I do accounting in a salon is nearly a year the American Institute. The three I bought the entire stock to keep trading salon, so I don't have to be three jobs.

Because I love you ...

And then I know love. First love is beautiful is the mother of three sides bless. We are just waiting for the day you go tu in Japan about then will do the ceremony (he is a doctor). But there is life anywhere as you like. He suffered a traffic accident and gone forever. Leaving, as the body does. I keep bouncing into the place where I am and I often go to. Two months passed since the day he died, I didn't have a good sleep, mental disorders are all mixed up, I have fainted in the arms of the three. I have to stay a long time. The shock too large causing me severe depression, are experiencing a psychological doctor weekly. I am layering throughout much of the day, when startled to wake me, remember these tears three fall when I look up the madness. I slapped her in the face to wake up and not be doing three hurt anymore.

Two years passed, I didn't open myself, until I met you once casually. I like people who take the soul by him very similar to my first love. I am sleepy look at you, how much emotion throughout the two year long ride suddenly towards. He said he had a wife and wait on the Court the divorce trial. You know me, you know I'm trying to create a tough, robust casing to cover the wound in the heart. We understand each other, incredible. Just one or two messages is people have to understand the other person is thinking. We only coffee or go get drunk after hours but no one tells anyone anything.

Time later he has a business trip in Singapore. I started to remember and feel afraid to lose you. I live in fear and waiting. For water, we plunge into each other no longer cares how many pairs of eyes are looking. He than I am 7 years old, very pretty and me classes started working principles. We loved each other since that day. I don't know of me, I don't know how I work, I just know I'm working as the girl at the age of 26. And then I gave him the most precious daughters. He hugged me when found traces on the white towel. From then on, he loved me more, have more at I think you love me so much.

I try to please him many times and I decided to tell about my life for you. England silent and not saying a Word. He struggled very much thought to love me. The family I know has banned me, not the familiar barrier. People think he came to me not love that advantage because biography, because I am huge assets block inheritance (really, I don't even know I inherited property). We squabble because I don't honestly with him to treat everyone. The more I see love you more each time he sighed when talking about the property I'm standing whose name you know. He was afraid of losing me when the two families did not catch.

The idea we are only faced with the possible difficulties. Where can the irony of life. In recent tests, I know its been leukemia. Three I do not accept the treatment data of Singapore hospital should take me through the United States for treatment. I'm dissapointed, no longer life. I'm always motivated, he did all the way to I'm, you're worried for me to forget to eat sleeping, he forgot the fact find information to prove I found blood cancer can still be cured. You motivate me to never give up. He was still laughing said to me the exhortation, "If you must try to return with him, each day he will place a paper cranes to hang about".=