I'm the boss 'solicited' when coming out worse husband Guy silver

I am a 30 year old, divorced with my husband and we are raising two daughters. I myself have quite the beauty, stable job. But his childhood 20, because the love that I agreed to marry soon. The marriage was not as keen as her husband too much money debt and often beat me to this day through the month.

On living side chain him, humiliating my life, miserable as hell. Despite the 2 sides together but in the end I have to divorce to rid yourself and your children. If myself was not happy living, how to bring the rest of his life. To the last moment, he still was an irresponsible divorce agreed with the conditions I have to feed my children, not receiving. Even the money he lent me and thanks to my wife's parents household loans, then we cannot leave. I agreed all hugs home her parents lay.

Actually the life of a single mother, a easy the armpit. I have to embrace a pile of debt, monthly salary deductions to pay out interest. His parents, he is also not liable, said poverty has no money to pay. With his grandparents but to a phone inquiry I no not telling you something.

My head is a he did beyond age 50. Since the divorce, I know he must change attitudes and frequently called me into the Office.

More than 2 years now I try to live up to is anti. My parents hurt you, mercy was lamenting, whining cause I hurt. I didn't really want to, have wholeheartedly because her husband, nobody wants to happen like that. Finally, I was the most miserable.

I only know to work to make money raising children. I do Office workers in a company near his home, the salaries of 5 million per month. The work is not too busy, so I have time to take care of you and sometimes also get the about do to earn extra income.

For me, I'm trying to keep life but the life would be like a dream. When I just get rid of the awful husband guy around me appear the man guilty in other currencies. I know they don't have a good idea what that just want to bother, because the advantage of single mothers plight thinking environmentally is easy.

These guys today, I almost "crazy" up because do not understand why this terrible thing happened to her. My head is a he did beyond age 50. Since the divorce, I know he must change attitudes and frequently called me into the Office. The exchange of the work then at least that mostly he or asking my life story. Initially I thought the Chief interested employees, afraid the spirit I do not good influences at work.

After that, the interest becomes increasingly outrageous, even those times he "attacked" me at work, by an intimate, then reclaim the embrace. When I fight back, he's "off price", says will afford every month for me, take off prompt me up higher positions. Also if I am not subject to direct, he will seek to dismiss me immediately

I'm not a bad person, living thing but why always encounter situations such irony. I have tried to live well and hold themselves to their children do not suffer the eternal smile cooking. The world that ...

Now I am very tangled. If the lives of parents my child will be very difficult and yet know never new I can get such good work. Ask the sisters give me advice ...=