In a marriage that is not a meritorious wife, the husband does not support the woman so the woman cannot live without a man

For the most part, when a woman enters marriage, she thinks that the best way to keep her husband with her is to sacrifice everything for her husband. But women, when poor people promise to make you happy and full when you are rich. But when the time comes with power and money, men choose to 'change their wives' first.

Women, everyone takes the root of happiness that is the husband. So it's no wonder that women are willing to sacrifice their jobs, youth, and youth to take care of their families. But then when you doomed, sacrifice, what is the return? That is the humility of men, that is to say, if not every girl has merit, then the husband does not help. On the contrary, he is much more betrayed.


Women get married, smile every day, they appear to be happy, but at night they always ask themselves: Will I get the wrong husband? Why pain and suffering like this?

It is not wrong for a woman to sacrifice herself for her husband, but the foolishness here is to sacrifice for the wrong person. When a woman accepts to be a shadow by her husband, she is always behind her husband and depends on her husband like mistletoe.

Marriage wreaks havoc on women, transforming them from a beautiful young woman into an unknowing mother. After marriage women do not have much joy, all live for their husbands. Meanwhile, the husband went out on display, many relationships and was willing to decry his wife with the long-legged girls he met.


That's it lady, it's your miserliness that makes you miserable. Nobody loves you like yourself, even if you look down on yourself, why don't men appreciate you? You intend to wait until you love yourself, maybe not until your husband cheated before you regretted it?

Being a woman, it is okay to not have a man, so you need to visit three men all the time who are girls, lazy, go out nicely with the people and go home to see if your wife is nothing. If the man is not good, it is best to let him go, because your sacrifice is not of course for men to wear the 'mining'.