It is not the beauty or charm that men often indulge in and want to pursue this life of a woman

A temperate woman is someone who does not like the color of painting, likes natural beauty. They will never boast of their charm, they just want to return to their original appearance.

And these people often not only pay attention to appearance but also focus on nourishing their souls. But if women do not cultivate, they will not have these special qualities.

A vigorous woman does not show her weakness to be loved in the afternoon, covered by this person often humbled by all the fluctuations in life, quietly watching, slowly watching and calmly resolving.

The temperate woman always has a stroke in the spirit of not being flashily redeemed, not immersed in despair. Focused in silence, peace, knowing what you want, what you need and what to do.

They are never seduced by men by sweet words because they are so alert to know what is sincere, what is instance or not easily conquered, by an inner world of depth, full of discovery and value needs a searcher and is capable of admiring.

Women who have temperament are not the ones who are good at being born, but they know how to make themselves beautiful. Their beauty lies in the fact that they know where they are, how beautiful they are and what they can do to be more beautiful. Therefore, the vigorous women are always confident in their own beauty, not mixed, unlike anyone.

This person always proactively loved himself first and often did not give up that obligation to any man. Because of these people, they have enough experience to realize that no one can love anyone by themselves. And in fact no one can master their life except themselves. They will always put themselves and their lives on any man.

But it is because of this that men are attracted to the temperamental women. Because of the fact that men like to conquer, prefer to be the king of the women's kingdom. Calm women always give men the feeling that they want more and keep them more. Men then fall in love with passion for conquest.

The woman who has the temperament from the inner function, does not depend on the beauty of form, it makes him passionate. Especially the richer men need a woman with a temperament. They want to be proud of the woman who has sophistication, softness when needed, beautiful at the right time at the right place.

The temperate woman understands that external factors such as fashion belong to the 'at a glance', the quality is permanent. They always speak properly, openness and openness, to treat people with natural harmony, peaceful attitude, look at the problem at a higher level, always make others feel valued.