Love my husband but just 'go to bed' is to remember old people

Although married for a year, I still can't stop thinking about a different man. Not because I don't love her husband. I love and I still sleep with my husband every night, still "spoil" her husband when he "needs". But really only the old man who makes me really satisfied in what the bedding.

3 years ago I loved a man named h. is southern but out to Hanoi medical school according to the wishes of their parents and also the dream of you. And I love each other right from the first sight.

Old love made me feel more satisfied.

Because is the first love should I love him best, disinvestment, no calculated or reservations as long as anything. I have also given him the "first time". I know how to love my afternoon and very skillful, tender in the story "the relationship".

After you hide the awkward in a rest home, in the Park, I crashed out "addicted" close to you. I like the prelude of his tenderness and the times that I was really happy.

But then love each other until the second year, when I put you on the launch, my parents have resolutely opposed because his house is far away. I was the only girl in the House, so my parents wanted me to get married.

The first time, we patiently persuaded her parents. But after a year of persuasion, gradually we all along felt tired should decide how farewell now sorry.

Love farewell, a long time after that I know T-my husband now. Although about appearance, you can not compare with H but he packs is the form man of the family, very thoughtful and responsible. Maybe I love you well by that.

My love now compared to a few years ago are also different from each other. If that day I love H by handsome, gentle and now mausoleum, I love you, I had T by feeling safe, happy.

And after more than a year to learn and live together as 1 year of marriage, I began to realize, all before I think about my husband is not all. This, I also have never dared to tell her husband.

But really when the wife of each other, each side closely stacked, not understanding why I were not met. Although no longer in love with H but wonder why every time her husband fellatio, in the beginning I started to compare with H. Then I just remember moments when party H. And each time, I saw what my spouse's pillow blanket becomes extremely boring.

Sometimes, seek a feeling of harmony with my husband, I silently guides the husband do "love" that H had earlier expected finding the room. But, my husband did also failed.

Even have you sounding again with his wife, saying, "I told you not to love this posture that you keep getting made." Or he complained: "I like the way the seedy" love, "not like that" ...

I think lies at 1. I loved her husband but just when the practice of "it" is my heart belong to the old man. I just wish my husband loves intense and fiery are as h. has at, not satisfy, also appeared in I thought Sin: be in the arms of H again.

I really feel fear because of the contradiction of horizontal ngổn. I myself also find myself miserable and obnoxious too you. I never had the idea to break up with her husband to get back with ex. Song I don't dare share her true thoughts with her husband.

I was listening to advice that the couple should go find a psychiatrist to get a common solution for both people. Hope this will be the way they will be different and keep the fire for toi this marriage.=