Meghan made the Royal Palace angry because of deceiving the whole world and receiving a rather bitter ending

Meghan Markle is known to be one of the most famous royal members. However, even when the Archie boy was born, it was impossible to quell negative comments aimed at the Duchess of Sussex.

Recently, a survey revealed how unexpectedly Meghan was in the hearts of the British people after a year as a royal bride.

A survey took place this year with 2,003 people in the UK about their favorite royal characters. As a result, only 39% said they had a positive view of Meghan. The least popular is still Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, with a support rate of 24%.

The Queen of England is the leader in this survey with over 70% of supporters. Princess Kate stood in second place with her favorite number of 62%.

As for members of the British royal family, Prince William led 73% and Prince Harry followed closely behind with supporters of 70%. Prince Charles stood in humble position when only 40% of supporters loved him.

Not only is less famous than sister-in-law Kate, but Meghan is also not satisfied with the Royal Palace. According to New Idea site, Meghan has become the new horrifying obsession of staff at Buckingham Palace.

" Meghan is beautiful, intelligent, ambitious and wants to prove to the world how she is capable. However, this may have angered the Royal.

Buckingham Palace became more unstable when Meghan decided to do everything at his disposal. Then we will see, there are violent storms waiting ahead, "said Angela Levin, the royal biographer.

Meghan is said to anger both royal fans and palaces when they choose to announce their labor after giving birth to their baby eight hours earlier. Nobody knows what the purpose of Meghan is when deciding to " deceive the world " like that.

Harry and Meghan have no right to take care of Archie's son

According to expert Marlene Koenig, the royal family had a rather strange agreement with Queen Elizabeth II, stating that it was the queen herself who had full custody, legal care for all royal babies.

This means that Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton are also not in full sponsorship, taking care of their three children, Prince George (nearly 6 years old), Princess Charlotte (4 years old) and Prince Louis (currently 13 months). year old). Prince Harry and his wife are no exception.

"The ruler of the throne is the legal guardian of his grandchildren. This rule has been passed since King George I. Accordingly, the king will be in control of education. Raising and marrying the children, the reason is that the king and his son, who later became King George II, had an uncooperative relationship, so he decided to grant the law to become a guardian. Koenig said.

The law exists for over 300 years, and will remain in effect even after the Queen's death. By then, the control and care of the small royal members would be transferred to Prince Charles, when he succeeded.

According to Marlene, the regulation still exists and influences the way of raising children of royal couples.