Men expect something in your mate?

Men expect something in your mate?

Know listen, share

Men usually love women who know how to listen, especially in relation to the marriage. When the guy tired, stressed or had any problems with his work, he would like to find someone who can help put elected confided. You be patient sitting silent to hear the guy say, occasionally can touch my hand on the guy to guy to see that you are very focused on the story. What you say is not needed, advice, silence is enough.

Known to sympathize with the guy

Guy will feel truly grateful and respectful when you learned to sympathize with the guy. If your husband is busy with work, often have to go sooner about later. You don't rush blame her husband, try to find out the guy's work, consolation and sympathy for the guy, if you do this, your husband will see very touched and grateful to you very much.

A woman know cooking

It is often said, the road to love is the fastest through the stomach. The guy will appreciate if you are a wife know cooking, make sure the are, ingenious. The Cook a really delicious meal will help 2 husband and wife closer together than the sentiments are nurtured more sustainable. You always do good roles keep the fire of his family kitchen.

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A woman my mother's style guy

A common man suffered a lot from the guy's mother. With respect to parents, Guy noble woman, great for life. If you bring the guy in his mom's silhouette, the Fed said, in manners, communication, dealing with my husband or in the kitchen nực, ... make sure the guy will love and cherish you. But saying that, doesn't mean you have to squeeze yourself proved "guy like her mother," if one day the Guy finds out that this is false, the guy will aversion and extremely frustrated. Let's keep life is yourself you.

A tender wife with husband

Whether you are angry, don't float the tam Peng that yanked her husband swear at me. Men are often very allergic to flirtatious women, form stones. Let's learn to control his computer, often at angry words never wise. Tenderness will help the guy always wanted to return home after their work tired.

Know the right guy player at

Men love and need is encouragement. They want to know the woman they love is a part of themselves, always cheering them. Your beliefs put into them is very important. The wings thinking that beard you if you trust them, they can overcome any obstacle in life. On the contrary, you will also find they always support you.

A faithful wife for squid with my husband

This is the most important factor in married relationships. No one can accept a lack of adultery with her. All faults can be overlooked, but if you are unfaithful, he will never be able to forgive you. Man has an artist and high pride, you betrayed the guy is a pain and the hurt can never heal.=


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