mind your letter he sent the wife not giving gifts 20/10

Few today each network read the papers, watch the news, I begin to see pretty much the Center of the pile of the sisters lament about on October 20. There are sisters lament that, would not the gift my husband nor flowers. There are sisters then told her husband save the lyrics did not say even a greeting to his wife.

More blatant sisters share the husband interested everyone except his wife. And so, the frustrated, bored and tired of my husband. The sisters attributed that, yes my husband so that he would love to be. Because the sisters let us out then the bravado of men, about the crude and dull.

I personally hate the stories go great holidays drawing excuses in the year (artwork).

When reading the true share of the sisters has left in me quite a lot of thought. Song I see wives but lived next to her man that understood the psychology of men we are covered. So, I thought I should write a few words to "thanh minh thanh nga" for our men the wing on October 20 and the other festivals in General.

First, to confirm with the sisters that men, we have no presents, no flowers for his wife is not belittled or not we love his wife. The only reason because we are in love with different concept.

Many wives are often shocked and could not understand why our gift back at love thoughtful cable world these days that now you don't have to. Not because we forgot or mind because unfortunately no money to buy gifts for his wife as well as forget to say a word of congratulation. That because the wife see, mostly husband and wife live together, how daily.

Every day is my husband, we still respected and treated well with his wife, yet the wife sad children. How many days often passed fine, the wife still yearn to 1 on such frivolous. Try to ask if these days for his wife as Queen with a gift of flowers flooded the head, the words bless many not counting bodies on, and then the next day at our resentment, left for a few baht. Try to ask as well, meaning where ?

So, my sister don't ham a little proud eyes that our brother no element changes the computer. mind your letter he sent the wife not giving gifts 20/10 just a day in on it?

I personally hate the story great drawing more the holidays happened in years. Many years ago there's no mind your letter he sent the wife not giving gifts 20/10, 8/3, 14/2 ... where women still live happily.

Second, I myself also think men on October 20, the day 8/3 ... If the wives don't get flowers, not getting a gift, not a greeting from my husband ... then why not got going?

I see many wives these days do not receive gifts or greeting from the husband stabbed body mistreatment, found life tedious. Many sisters myself, trying to live as a child or marrying early gripes is wrong.

As my husband here, yesterday my wife has hinted that asked: "do you know what day is tomorrow?". Actually I know but still the ominous course answered: "tomorrow is Sunday, his wife was off work". My wife sure news no crave more questions.

The sisters should be proactive, self-advocacy and sympathetic if her husband has missed "the banana bulbs" does not give gifts, don't wish (artwork)

Last night when the couple finished eating, my husband has not seen anything unusual she should go out. So I demanded go according with be and of course bearing all for money to go again I prefer to buy my wife the security purchased. Song if not going to be busy, I will donate 1 million wife to wife want to buy what they buy, like to eat what they eat.

Generally the wife for DIY angrily. I think, my husband has donated nothing good, not donate, the sisters purchased. Ordinary day my sister bought one, these days my sister just bought 2-3. Also won't be ashamed to each tree, every flower every home every scene. So the concept is needed at that time and got it. Must the holidays my husband must have gifts for my wife's new husband and wife in the eyes of psychology?

Third, our men afraid to gift United the sisters on this because the shy bird. More delicate a thing can not not mention is also dependent on the economy.

Now pitching put enough stuff that we daily bear men how the pressure. Sometimes also economic difficulties, many wives will take advantage of the 24 LAT excuses to "make money" her husband. Fresh flowers, gifts, then enlist up reviews these holidays. So if my husband forget gifts or busy forgot, my sister should never think to add wrinkles.

What bored when her husband as such. It is important to treat her husband to how important what's heteros gifts. The couple understand each other is in place.

Wednesday, one thing revealed to the wife's, maybe before married life with her mother, many in the generation 7 x over again, should the living spirit of the husband she was very poor. The dry so hard but my husband song cannot express the infinite mind selfish.

With regards to the husbands, the wives talking straight, demanding straight rather than spurring gifts don't say in swing and do nothing for tired. Because you say so her husband could not understand. And then when that person sad, warm memories of her sister only.

Thursday, the husband does not have the spiritual gifts for my wife this very day may be due to unknown wife suggesting, moi presents from her husband.

As my wife, suggesting your husband always cleverly. Manual to the extent of dead flies always sweet. Yes, I said that: "You, Sir, this afternoon on the road, I met a lot of wonderful husband, buy flowers gifts my wife please?".

I heard my wife suggests that tried to tease and the butter back: "he bought naughty". But my wife also unyielding to me im always thinking and planning gifts for your wife: "then, I will have to have United to mind your letter he sent the wife not giving gifts 20/10 children was the gift as one".

There, the sisters see, the husbands don't really have no intention of giving gifts of his wife. 100% I insisted. Just as the "enough" cleverly caught her husband donated are as I don't come on.

In summary, on October 20 is on the Vietnam Women are honored. So the sisters should be proactive, self-advocacy and sympathetic if her husband has missed "the banana bulbs" does not give gifts, don't wish (according to your thoughts and reviews of wives).

Never warm memories, depressed, upset, frustrated and lonely in his house. Never misjudged our hearts.

Also, the wings thinking man, the day is also the day, money would be money. All his holidays and birthdays of my husband, the man just hope his wife self directed, Self-indulgence. Such buying of cooking, all the fun that don't have cable presents what to do. Because we see so just draw too.=