Model wife 'in the dream' of 12 Zodiac (P1)

looking for a Taurus girl tradition, skillful tenderness and to become his mate, Taurus, traditional, girl, gentle, skillful, ...

Birch (20.3-20.4)

Search Birch a straight wife, have initiative and assertiveness. They want the other half know praise and support them in life. Birch boys hate girls much, plenty and sit up double tips.

Guy Birch will also be attracted by the girls in the morning, BOC, frankly and sincerely. That girl will not too stylized or theatrical momentum, not to think too much about a problem, sometimes a little childish, sometimes being "vạ mouth" due to what said, not long, meandering line, but the guy will see the point really pleasant. She is the person who always seemed independent and powerful, though only superficially fine, Guy will finish mining to protect the weak. Birch boys also liked the girl has designs sports or play sports, then maybe a little "tomboy".

Contraindications: the girls are too shy or sensitive, like or to Italy only guy dare to put eyes sneak peek "sneaky", or the daughter too stylized, too "viscosity".

The other half is suitable for: Libra, Sagittarius.

Taurus (21.4-20.5)

Taurus looking for a traditional girl, skillful tenderness and to become his mate. Taurus wants his wife to Cook strong even piling the ingenious home. This guy also quite conservative and bigotry should not prefer a wife like controversy and anger lies.

Taurus which is a "sticky", so the meat guy will love these girls look slightly "plump". Good for her, please have "Hourglass", round, round out any plump, sweet, like a form of food, why not also a bit fatty. Guy easy reasons before the little girl says, at least, seems something sensitive but graceful looks simple rather than profound calculations. She looks slightly "docile", sweet, sexy and seductive power submarine hidden inside.

Contraindications with: women Form aggressive, outspoken, preferred competition will probably not guy's model.

The other half is suitable for: Virgo, Pisces.

Gemini (21.5-21.6)

Gemini wants his wife to be a person you understand Center guy and can share with the guy. Gemini also excitement with a young girl, maximum style and know how to change yourself. The boring will make Gemini feels tired and depressed relationships are.

Boys that offer Gemini will not need these girls have deadly charm, also do not need her too-sweet emotion. The guy likes a girl who is intelligent, dynamic and skillful, witty. A girl has slender humanoid but not so weak as Spike before the wind, lay the little is poured; her slender but agile and energetic, graceful sports a bit of hair dress tomboy, "" a little bit. In particular, women form stimulates the curiosity of guy makes a guy want to discover, learn the special model will cause the Song to Italy.

Contraindications with: Gemini not too rigorous. just that girl makes guy curious, though there is the curious way, he may also like. But remember, not Stern should also change. Lead needs mood change left wind, he found boring, she'll become the number 0 in the eyes of the guy.

The other half is suitable for: Aquarius, Aries.

Cancer (22.6-22.7)

Cancer seeking a wife gives them the sense of security and warmth. There will be a traditional wife, helping them unlock the family nest and nurture lifelong support to Cancer can be assured career development. These girls will make Cancer personality too embarrassed.

The most important thing with the guy-that is the Cancer she bows to "heal"! He inclined the sample ladies skinny slender, also don't like women to betray their form online personality, not intrigued by her success. Guy will be attracted by a gentle girl, sweet and warm.  She has a somewhat "traditional" definition, simple, feminine dress, there is a featured breast the better, and most importantly she seems sensitive, having seem naive and in need of help, cover-Located capital Award is a special Zodiac like protection for what weakness. She is also dedicated to the people, not the rival, won the jerk.

Contraindications: the girl with the stone evaluated, mouth edge is who makes guy "away".

The other half is suitable for: Scorpion, Taurus.

Lion (23.7-22.8)

Lions want a wife can make them proud and nose burned when prompted about. A perfect half of Lions will be the woman who have political views, just know the struggles and progress. The lion is not like a wife all day nagging and strokes or pull out the Lions husband always talk bad behind.

Just natural instinct, the bow Lion guy usually like watching women who dress chic, sophisticated, bold makeup and wears much jewelry sparkle. Sometimes, the Lions have two forms: the first Form is the guy who likes the slightly tackily girls, powder pray, the second form is preferred the girl dress in accordance to standards not too "stigma".

But though the appearance and dress, the important thing with the lion guy, that is strong and woman must have the demeanor, confident demeanor is important shining. She has a slightly arrogant strokes radiating out, can still be confident strokes and win, the Mermaid Princess "no disrespect khỉnh" with people still really vivacious and openness, plenty. Despite talk in her but harmonious still radiating the truth separately-that is the key point for him. She also take seriously at the need, and always true pride!

Contraindications: the women are too frail or too "pale". Although the guy also likes to protect his daughter, but is defending a frail daughter inside, rather than be lost appears confident or boast outside.

The other half is suitable for: Aries, Aquarius.

Virgo (23.8-22.9)

Virgo looking for a neat wife, know about and will arrange the perfect home. Half of the Virgo girl is delicate, exquisitely tender, and understand the principles of life of Virgos. The form of the main guy is the little girl trotted, the lifestyle and the most important thing is always conscious, responsible in life or at work she made.

Special Virgo guy to notice the gesture and action, for example the guy will see her eat there or not, the yawn has cover or not. So the guy will be impressed with the elegant demeanor and you look in the right type of "Mademoiselle"-eat com mouth, chewed gently, calmly. She minded but still is a woman cleverly, have behaved humbly, prompting everyone assured and confident. She "sleep eating" full, natural, healthy, clean is exactly what the guy needs.

Contraindications: The girl flashed a dramatic, or make gestures, and irresponsible with what I do.

The other half is suitable for: Shennong, Taurus.=

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