Mommy home grandmother gone, the fear of a father Lam

Born and raised in the countryside of rice, I was my parents to go to College to study pedagogy to satisfied teacher desires to do. At that time, my mother used to say that "who is my daughter, you are to study and stay in Hanoi, the school later home College teacher near her parents are reasonable". Moreover, compared with the in House I also studied inferior should only be College.

The day I'm graduating, my parents so much fun. After school, I have been attending the contest on the payroll and in teaching at school level, next to the Township.

In school, I always get noticed because of the pretty and illustrious teacher. He (my husband now) is the math teacher, and I'm writing teacher. Everyone compliments we are a perfect couple. The index of people's true joke when you confess loving me. A year to learn about each other, we held the wedding.

Husband and wife I moved to an apartment in the rear of the collective. apartment but it just said is was more than 10 m2. New married couple life also much quarrel but I tried compressed emotion not arguing to keep an eye out for everyone.

A year later, I was born to twin baby girls. I am happy because I have two Princess also my husband always grumbles "why twins in the moment". We all know he will not be born again because has two standard. I'm no snob, son daughter but her husband expressed dislike.

When I go home, Dad, he is not native to visit his wife. He remained at the school with the reason is busy preparing the competition prizewinners the teacher. I also think you're real busy so try to interest her husband encouragement to contest the fine. I do not doubt that, absent his wife and child, he blatantly go play with one other student at teachers college English in the side.

From that conflict, I lost faith in her husband and the battle of the conflict took place more often. I moved to her husband's home in his wife's home ... excuse makes you get more drunk and congregate.

In the drunk, he repeatedly touted to have the excuse of hitting his wife. Because the teacher should I try abstinence. Moreover, I also do not want their sons was there mom, no dad.

I sacrificed many years to care for the children, forget that we need to strive to become a good teacher. Meanwhile, my husband always deliberately sought to humiliate his wife with co-workers. He said bad in school that "my wife I feel weird doing, clumsy don't know take thegood, by just spear..." and even talk to you when I not the daughter he also tell make what to do gifts with co-workers.

I have many "soi" when did I become a great man. At school he was always a good teacher, teach good at but back home he became my mother's obsession. Not a day would you bathe the child. When drunk, he hit his wife with the explosive slap fireflies, the punch caused me pain to a few days.

My husband started to have the habit of drinking alcohol, I in the Liao state reasons for going home. Arriving at the House, he punched, slapped his wife in the face thụp thùm. Many times, my eyes are bruised because he. Go teach, one pancake, soy sauce well I just fell into the Chair, Institute of evidentiary falls the stairs. I am trying to get off this reason to reason to shield for the fragile happiness. I don't want his family suffer, the ears and the teacher of us affected.

Every time my husband left punch drunk stone, slapped his wife thùm thụp. Photo illustrations

From its own, he also goes with a few strange girl. With a computer of a teacher teaching abstinence does allow me making noise. I just hurt my children always live in fear. When going to school, we have to understand how happy family. There are times, I asked, "mom, why just hit my mother. His home has no happiness are mother and mother cried, why not. I don't want to hurt mom anymore ... ". My children ask me very much, I hugged my children cry.

He used brooms to wipe the wife, two critics of I have just run just crying to find his grandparents. Time they also cry "Mommy come home Grandma in go, the fear of a father or mother dropped me...".

He has always been exemplary teacher what did I have to suffer the notoriety from the uk. Over the past 10 years, I tried to protect my family but don't want to poison the wind away from the mother of my child. Most recently, when I took my car to school, did you break out break the car makes your mother I fell into the brick patio rubbing large bamboo rat edge. My youngest girl had to go sew 4 the tip in the forehead. Later that day, the son I always lived in fear. They are afraid to go home and fear of his father. I do not want to report him to the authorities or agencies. If so your career will fall apart. I want to be with him but he demanded custody of a child and threatened to burn the whole House. I've resigned and went to find a consultant on legal aid so I can take custody of two children. Every night, my mother lives in the Haunted Britain will seek revenge.=