My husband works as a woman in a 4 million month, my wife uses that money to go to a vacation home with a boy and the shock is better than on the film

Married for more than 1 year, Thuy became pregnant, and at that time did not have to say how happy and happy she was. But when the wife elected to the 6th month, the doctor said not to be prone to miscarriage, so he asked his wife to quit working to preserve the pregnancy:

- The doctor said it well, I don't know, I'm not threatening. So stop me at home and go to bed, rest and wait until my birthday. I kept trying to make you afraid to affect me.

- But I did it very hard. I have children to worry about . let me go to work. I will be careful.

- I have peace of mind, I can still do it. I'm a man, there's something I have to worry about. As a man, you have to support your wife and children.

Wife is off work for 1 week, the quarter also asked to take a job as a worker to follow as a supplement. The salary is higher but the work is hard and the time he has to work more but Quy accepts.


You go to work from 5 am and go home at 10 pm. Every day, but he did not complain. Then finally Thuy has a square mother. I am extremely happy.

Both internal and external parents are both old and weak, so they cannot help looking up, so only my wife looks after me. Loving his wife to go home from work, Quy returned to washing. Early in the morning, I went to the market and cooked rice to prepare for my wife. At noon, I took a rest for 1 hour to rush home to hold my wife to eat rice. The night before, I never cried but my wife had to wake up.

Everyone praised you and praised your wife for luck. Honestly, I just want to worry about my wife and children. He was orphaned from a young age, his mother took another step, so he was deprived of love.

My daughter was 6 months old Thuy asked to work but my grandmother could not help me, so I told my wife:

- Please stay home to look after me. I'll do more Sunday too, but now I'm going to work for someone who looks after me.

So the quarter did both Sunday and 11 o'clock in the evening when he came home because after the extra time, he still took a motorcycle taxi to earn extra income. He does whatever people hire as long as he has money to take care of his wife and children.

But then that day, working, suddenly, I heard her cooking rice on the back:

- You, do you work night and make money for your wife to buy nice clothes to stay with boys? Why are you so stupid?

- What . what do you say? Why do you say my wife like that?

- I also have evidence that I don't say anything to your wife. Today I went to the market and saw your wife in the Rose Hostel. Do not believe that you drove there and caught the result.

When she finished, she rushed to get the car. Everyone thinks that today Quy's house is shattered. She cooks herself so regretfully.

You go straight to the inn that the sister said. And then when I opened the door, it was when his wife and the man walked down the stairs:

- Oh . my husband, why are you here?

- Where are you? Why don't you stay home with me and stay here?

- I send my child to my neighbor Hoa .

- Yes, she coaxed the child very well, sending her to her also reassured. That way, I can take a little rest.

- I . I'm sorry.

- I'm going to wake up now. I go to breastfeed . I'm afraid you forget, so hurry up and remind me.

- Forgive my husband, I'm just .

You don't look at your wife but turn to the other man and calm down.

- You're a noisy man . going out I talk between two men together. Not suitable to say here.


You drag the man who just entered the room with his wife to the door of the motel. Everyone witnessed that the man full of lime was the girl's husband. They curiously pulled out to see what he would do when he caught the enemy's mourning and his attitude towards his wife was too kind.

And then when I saw the two men shaking hands and each one in one direction, it was a 1-0-2 story. Why could he be so calm? Do not blame or get mad at your wife and don't take hatred on the man who slept with his wife?

You told your wife that night:

- Don't let this happen again. The second time I can't calm down like this. I love you and you how I know best.

- Yes, I'm sorry. I promise I will never be like that again. I thank my husband, I'm wrong.

Since then, you have come home earlier, your husband and wife are closer to each other so your wife can feel lonely. I just hope my child has a full roof. He knew his wife was wrong, but he was also wrong when he was too busy working. Now he only wishes his family to be safe, even if anyone curses him as a stupid man when forgiving an adulterous wife, he will ignore it.