New wife hard rather than doing the Bo is simple!

Firstly, please thank the righteous father, husband and epitome for making pillars, is based, the shoulder carrying cover for family, his wife, every storm. But in the framework of this article, has sent to you, hopefully not one of you as well.

The date also possible work, must return home looking at a face has tear, again accompanied by grumbles voice unpleasant, surly attitude and ability to say more then real jeans fabric tough extreme. So when seeing where there's a lovely eye-catching objects, the different vessels with "old hen" at home, we suddenly born desire sex very often is that be flirting and own pigeons "cute". And then usually gentle doves compared with hens optical always overseas at home, to see that what is, is.We begin to wish to Live Pigeon Party, with great vợi sky high as dreams that feel bored and the hens hoăm hoắm chasms in the House. But you worry, when the tender dove in on the current location of the old hens, pigeons on the Member in all aspects, even new ones, also deeply folded several times the old area. So should you let the food poisoning, don't be daydreaming and fantasy anymore. Sweet lover at the Portuguese pair, not necessarily become an đằm Prashant wife when he married along with them.

When you relations with her, you'll see it's great. She's gentle, knowing sharing, listening, with her I feel like receiving new vitality, fresh love life, not to feel the pressure and fatigue. That's simple, because she's just not the same burden, Bo he fears Austria rice rice back with public money, not you a mess the responsibility, obligation, duty, also never requires the British agreed, by Bo, she is just has the right no blame.

The new wife is difficult, Bo do who can't do. Gentle Dove, when back home with my husband, or wife two of England's three wives, càu also take Carter roof not overseas optical current and old. Please don't kid Hong for the pigeons to see mom's chicken at home bad pain bad pain. In addition to the daily work in the Agency, she must return home with a mountain of work does not name, with the small, thin, with rice water homes, domestic, large and small plans for families, children, wives did not collapse because of exhaustion is lucky.

You still hear daily sweet share from Dove, who will share the same old hens? Sure there will be someone. The modern society which, in the time of information technology, the Internet, the time of the man's strange hám, always want to assert power and the ability to conquer her, want more more women in this collection as well. So no surprise when one day, he discovered his old hens is also someone's pigeon. He hardly strong enough to overcome this shock, don't you have enough forgiveness to forgive his wife.

New wife hard.

The nature of the hens and pigeons are the same. The nature of adultery as well as each other, so why the shock you? Ask, have you not bored wife, has silently comparing him with the elegant style of man? There. Although the guy, also essentially indifferent you at home with his wife. Also indiscriminately diffusion, Moon flower butterflies, snoring as pulling the wood all night, no contingency these aggressor with his wife, never know a romantic gesture, even afraid of his wife a permission, just like you.

The fact is that, you always crave PHO rice bored but where did you get that good PHO. Please ladies, the rice is cool at all. We all went to eat and eating cold rice and praise each other's roll delicious. The love was over long ago, now is the time of the love affair in private hands or even many more.

Modern society has the positive and negative sides, looking forward to the uk for the family, the future children that lived more than reason, don't blame emotions, instincts, for the cause of this ABC. Please think for his wife, she also found the lack of change, from the uk, the only thing she how reaction.

You also don't need to assert his power, against the rule of the grim because know are gradually weakens, progressively lost its appeal early. People don't do that when feeling confident. The Portuguese pair, that is not the way to affirm yourself, nor is the way to make achievements with others. The measure of the maturity and success of men is in these different values.

The value of the Humanities with deep, beautiful and core in life is family, career, children, contribution and role in society. That's what people reviews about people and his personality, emotion and gratitude for children's glasses. Also there is the love and trust of his wife, not a relationship across the street, a moment that wave heatstroke, with an easygoing woman.

Also if you really have feelings for her, she, her H, X want to stick their remaining life, talk frankly with your wife, don't deceive her. Don't hurt the wife has suffered disadvantage because hard sacrifices. When you come to her how dignified then went to do the same. Don't make her pain, hatred, disdain and despise you, because between him with her also the children, our future depends entirely on the parents. He and she is like the mirror to them, follow the soi in life.

You make life domains, humanism, reason than to a few dozen years later, when the old man looking back on his way to go doesn't see disgrace, regret. Nobody ate noodle soup was all my life, well no one deleted was the scar on the forehead of yourself. You want to do, cold rice noodle become coming out.=