No matter who doesn't read this article, you will surely have a day of regret

Any couple, though harmonious and happy, can hardly avoid disagreements and quarrels. And it is the attitude at the time of conflict that will determine whether or not the marriage will last long. But if the wife keeps trying to win more, trying to loudly outwit her husband even if I'm 'wrongly', it is inevitable to break the marriage.

Husband and wife come together because of debt

According to the Buddha's house, the couple comes together because of debt. But staying together is durable or not, is due to karma.

In fact, not all couples are happy, couples are harmonious, but there are also couples who treat each other coldly, even this person is resentful to the other. But no matter where the conflict goes, the couple just need to open their hearts to understand the feelings of the enemy, everything will be resolved smoothly.

Therefore, never compare your wife with other people because your wife is the one who shoulder the shoulder with you. Because that outside lady only came to you to find joy, never worry about taking care of you.

Remember from the past his father had a saying: 'His wife is beautiful because of her husband's love, and his wife is bad and grumbling because he is not loving enough'. Therefore, when the couple quarrels, the couple must re-consider themselves, especially the husband. Because only if the husband is always psychological and loving, knowing how to hurt his wife, can the woman suffer too much. As long as I kept being carefree, letting my first wife turn off the dark and worry about me, the wife would be ugly, irritable, angry and bickering.

Especially the couple living together, relying on each other at the time of illness, but when they are healthy, disengaged, whoever needs it.

The more generous the couple is, the happier the family is

Many families of couples often go on competing and delineating to see who is right and who is wrong. Most people think that criticism and controversy can solve the problem. Even if you want to resent the heavens and blame the land, your destiny will be like that. Doing so is like owing to a previous life that will not be repaid, and sowing more misery for the next life.

But sometimes it's not that your partner is angry or frustrated by the immediate things, but simply that he or she wants to know how important your position is in the opponent's heart.

In fact they are seeing insecurity and lack of love. If you don't let your eyes get entangled in those right and wrong things, open your heart to understand more, lower yourself to be more tolerant of the person, then the shortcomings are no longer important.