Poor husband 6 years, wedding night I have to teach all of 'it'

I am 26 years old this year, has been through these life ... people love should also have little experience of the field situation. Islamic studies level 3 I began to know the true vibration but it is very student thủa love affair in the morning and many beautiful anniversary, of course also passes very quickly. It wasn't until College, when they understand what is really painful, I with the same guy dating courses together, he's handsome, with well-off, very steep, I quickly conquered by the gift and the value of sugar suite. In the end, Lady Ha Into dozens of you have surrounded this guy decided to swap sent love.

Love lasts about 3 months is "definitive" burden, by me "requires" I have to "PM" but I do not agree that is being kicked. I accept that but very hurt because love turned out not poetic and romantic as I thought. And then I followed two years of celibacy. It wasn't until the third year, my new heart arrhythmia again as a man. He than I am 7 years old, also leveled look about, family condition, always go to my car and make the school gate door, indeed I am also proud of him, though I didn't ham pit financially.

The story idea as in. ..

He is the son of a powerful business Director, should generally well-off, however he didn't play very contrary ham tu releases. Love you probably also count marriage slowly is fit, I am also the diocese's daughter, also happy just thinking about that simple, should I choose the man to send his future. It's the warm, attentive and very care you know how to spoil me, I believe I have found the true love of his life and send him something worthwhile for the life of my daughter. I welcome and embrace it, he taught me a lot, "Hyena" in relations, that made me surprise but fun.

While I love enamel drunk discovered he is promiscuous with at least 3 other girl. I leave "accept trade" which kicked him, whether he is doing every thing to apologize but I don't agree. I, then worked in a company near his home, was 4.5 years from that day I was still single, the family also prompted the cheers story love my husband but I also shelves. Then get behind the one I love, this object is a poor guy I take 5 years. Originally met at a birthday party that is also a sister-sister, but then took the message of the left turn into you you-I, I-I don't know?. Initially I found it quite funny, but after much talk, see, turned out to age just the numbers, you're this guy look about the age of truth than many leveled, probably due to premature birth, not the universities that select apprentices French pastry according to family tradition.

Then two love each other, half a year later, he proposed to me. I am very shocked but despite all to agree. Originally two opposing family terribly but see us determination should also sweep, just admonished is trying to be happy. Wedding night two situated next to each other that I am very upset to see him "what to do", then my young husband unexpectedly also puzzled over, limbs shaking grip non drag floating phec garment. And then came the thought that at any "provisional" battle, the husband did not know what to do, the better you all nervous sweat. I just bothered just funny, just tell him how to do it in a basic way, to do this, do that ... To be humiliation. He smiled, her husband said: "I'm good at?". I just WinCE teeth said: "anyway, I lay before you in 5 years".

To date we have had 3 years of warm salty, there is a small Angel near 2 years. And everything lapse in happiness, my husband doesn't want me to tell something more. Story ideas as in that movie.=