Prospective women are happy enough or the whole life is in poverty, just by looking at this point immediately

1. The woman has small, slender and long hands

Hands that have fingers that can be straightened, clustered like a bud, slightly pointed towards the end, this woman has a wealth of wealth, wealth, money need not worry. Especially, the woman who owns this tya table has a wife's destiny, getting rich husband to enjoy life.

2. Woman with large hands, slightly rough and stiff fingers


Women who own this hand are considered female but their number of men. Slightly hard up and down, from baby to adult are active on their own, hard to rely on and few assistants. Achievements are many but only women destined to shoulder Jiangshan is also tired.

3. The woman whose palms are pointed and intertwined with her hands, the blurry lines and the deep strokes

This is a thoughtful and thoughtful woman. They are always miserable, strenuous mentally. Especially many negative emotions, very contrary love. Destiny of this woman, although the body is leisurely, but the mind is not peaceful. It is difficult to attain peace in one's own mind.


4. A woman with little, clear hands, with faint strokes on her hands

This is a person with a peaceful and relaxed spirit. The difficulty can be a bit carefree, the story of tomorrow will be forgotten. What this lunch, I just think of, life has ups and downs, with this temperament they also support people tired, peaceful.

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