Recently unemployed, the wife brought divorce claims unit

Hi guys! When I write these lines really , I hope my wife can read these my share.

I am 34 years old, poor wife I am 5 years old. From the wedding day the wife, I have identified themselves as family pillar. Though just go rent but I still want my life, his wife, I was happy as how other families. At his wife pregnant, his wife's weak health should I tell her to leave at home to rest and then the rice water for my husband.

My wife is from there and my daughter was 5 years old but she is still not working. When seen not work, my wife's parents gave the couple a loan of money to buy a piece of land stuck had the House level 4. We moved out to the edge of the city in his wife's work and I back away a step further. Do not take rent money, I also have no excuse pressed his wife to work because I feel I'm carrying the home debt my wife.

I do about building. Follow the job market isn't far or near me does nothing but my wife always said that working too far, fear the traffic situation. We have tens of millions to do save, I opened a small grocery store to my wife and have time to shuttle children to go to school. Honestly, the only grocery open enough money to let her spend her own work for the account, the fees of the children still have to worry about.

Two years ago, my work difficult. The company owed wages, reduced income render life more difficult than the family. My wife's salary card and didn't see the salaries of she doubt excuses for that field and then cash I sent home for my parents, my brothers. Because the family wanted to keep warm, I choose to be silent. However, I am more silent, my wife as to encroachment.

I recently unemployed, she and li Zhejiang lead Italian Kiss

Then, the company closed. Me out of employment and it is hard to apply because in my position not to high, not low. I am determined to work to make money raising children should salaries 4-5 million/month I also accept but times are difficult construction industry then everything becomes fiction.

Two months now, I am at home, sometimes going out to meet friends thanks to the introduction of this work. The holiday, I'm bored so smoking even more. The couple's savings is also no longer any small grocery bar, not enough money for milk and school for children.

My wife constantly lead extraction. She's not even cooked, not bathing for children. She said that it was the work of me by her are going to make news are sales in the grocery, café and I disabled the working families. I'm not heavily HA cooked, even the baby bath washing clothes for the whole family. But my wife more. If I'm out there working, she mixed her mother shrimp to eat. I go home, look at the kitchen cold. She responded, "the body who's worried. The day before I go to work I'm worried about you now you're unemployed you worry ".

I'm choking uất. She turned out a reference to the story of my wife's parents money for loans to buy land. She says that I'm in the law and find ways of action touching my pride.

Frustrated, the more I smoke more. There are days, I-how medications to 2. My wife phoned home told my parents that "you pay my husband back for parents". My mother doesn't understand the situation. She cried when her son on the phone. I'm mad about the House plan to slap his wife but then trying to curb. She said getting divorced. I say "write single go".

I am out of then had a single leaf to get on the bed. I signed the petition and sailings next day she sent off the Court.

Today, the Court called me up to hear Center aspirations. I don't know how to do it because of the fact I was so in love with his wife. I always try to do all the best for his wife, but she didn't. She saw her husband recently unemployed have lead extraction and despised her husband. As a man, I know I have to be responsible to my family and in my mind I always desire to make money, get rich raising children. So that, my wife does not understand that I am lazy to go to work and are only on her.=