Rushed to return a wedding present after 2 years doing 'Strawberry contingency'

We loved each other from the day you are learning English with the same University. Computer gentle, at least you say and very hurt. In that time, we often go home together, parents you should always travel far I buy presents for him as a child in the House.

Also, two family doctor you should each Tet holidays or have mild enough often tell you to lead me on. I was the daughter of the city should each go home he did feel very tired all the machine pallet. Thus, the children enthusiastically should you never complain complain.

But friends who are also calling for me yet what strawberry, wild place that was rolling to discharge as their home. Have you also said "Just how friendly, later not taken together then agony. Bring the House. " Final rules leave no one satisfied with me about this. Many times the children confided to him, to me peace of mind than either side of the family has decided to do the ceremony.

When children are happy because boot khấp a wedding then followed his father to claim 2 years for us married. According to him, then two jobs has stabilized, is age. Now we are the right to live together as husband and wife, then lobbied the family, guys have to be responsible about taking, gradually learning to acquaint.

I'm just the bride, but contingency have a prearranged job is called em about to "Warsaw" could lose some.

I'm just the bride, but contingency have a prearranged job call me home toWarsaw "could lose some". Because he was the eldest son should parents tell children "Now have to do ceremony, so as the House. You have to be responsible to my family, my mother ". I hear that stun. Instead of playing to be sitting idle as before, now every time I go home to roll into the kitchen exhaust lo each feast. Even to go to the market to serve his family.

You don't pay the school was few, but each time the country must spend money money money, to car million from food and drink to buy presents for my husband. Parents know that, but remained silent despite. If you do something wrong, mom whispered back to small, excuses.

Earlier on, I just work on the death anniversary of food do, now have to worry about preparing the machine chucks, LAT. She has a husband and only I could craft house party with me "you're stupid too, yet what has love on. People treated for it. You simply ain't no home. " I hear that ripped off a rush tears.

I have to live with him as husband and wife, was worried for his family as family. But sometimes I still do not understand. Must I remind you more than 10 times what the wedding, but he remained silent, saying that waiting parents watching on, the decision ... But two years passed in vain, you still have to wait, contingency bride must wait.

I'm angry too, after how many bags I've been too straight parents don't wait anymore. My family decided to return home for the holiday, even for the people's life, said. I was young, still beautiful must run under him to "Please marry". I will write this lesson Center core carved to never go back to the way yesterday.=