Sat crying on the Mercedes better sat crying on the car Dream ship

His home is also pretty scene but only his mother always advised my daughter should choose someone you love by heart, don't be too focused on the material. But that's just the thought of it. To me, money is also a love. While love is by definition "the main leg" feeling love vibration material, then bring the satisfaction and master of my life.

The life of the adult basic is sad. Once let the ingenuity and surrounded by her parents, from school to go to work and then getting married must collide a lot. The work is not as hurt me a bit. Rough love hurt me two little. Complicating the bride at the wife, do will hurt him more. That's the rule. From the rich to the poor, and then will also be raised much guts from time to time.

Love and money.

Not to mention the truth is any love would also have limited use. Eternal love is not rare, but is there anyone confident enough that my husband will love yourself 100% from here until tomorrow? Does anyone dare to make her husband will not adultery, will not see the love with your wife is a second obligation and responsibility?

With untold suffering has been the default as a trail, why not wise choices that many young people today or mention: sat crying on a Mercedes instead of the Wave car? Why not choose to be unhappy in a Villa instead of home level 4 saggy xập?

The nature of suffering is the same, but the circumstances surrounding that will impact upon the different dimension. When experiencing difficulties at work, rich automobile up vacationing, gathering friends shopping or singing and dancing. Meanwhile the poor home ground wheat shrimp eat through the day. Ask any suffering worse?

When the couple conflicts, rich people suffering physical pleasures found outside by spend money. Although pleased to have upset the side they still have delicious rice, beautiful home, good car offset. The poor can only look at the sad Street watch me eat supplements even happy, pull over a tantalising eat cheap budget dishes rush to crush as weighs more. Ask any suffering, worse?

There is a reality to her as the daughter must also recognise, modern living standards were too high compared to the previous generation. Love is no longer the only spiritual food stuff made "no" people. Want to love, be loved by heart. But in order to be lasting, must have money.

I love a person your age. As well as myself, that person is not rich. We love each other and always have to motivate each other worked to mai was off happy. But "this tomorrow" is ever? If you are exposed to a lifetime pants still not rid the damn rent, no four-wheel vehicles that go? So obviously I was going the right way most foolish, just as slaves for money, just not being happy?

I'm thinking to go a different route. Love is fate, marriage is luck, off the coast off love, calling the misfortune. Computer in my life only for money is promptly and never betray the owner, have the goal, not hungry.

The son of his close friends were her parents pressed married a husband old and rich that it didn't love. Being forced to break up with his "reappearance" it had otherwise dismal life make sure to end the old man's memory.

But money does not allow it dawned. There is a rich husband to be put away in Africa four hot travel, was for the money to change it tastefully complete makeover from country girls into upmarket girl. Life master coin, what is yours already heal all wounds in heart of it.

Now it was young and energetic happiness looks on my face. Her jealousy and want to be like it. Think back on scene on stays "being" lovers pass away on your Dream his keenly Museum coffee maker that can offset the physical love that love not what way fill the shortage of material.

More thoughts on the value for money as not confident love will help her lasting happiness. Until now 25 years old still have to multiply each Council shall ever touch the door happy? Would rather take a condition right from the start, it will be less strenuous time period unknown to date will speculate that transfer.

I would say more, is not too beautiful girls to dream big, but take his certain to grab the rich husband. Don't know anyone in this same opinion with me?=