See the sleep posture to know your fate, personality

Lying-up arm pillow

In contrast to the posture is currency, you are the fun, heartfelt value for you. However nothing is perfect. The focus of your life to start creating your faith, learn to recognize mistakes and its defects, must understand that it is actually the price to improve myself, have such happy new to you.

Lying-lying on one side

This sleeping posture shows you people always have faith. Do you always try to do anything also can succeed. This posture shows that they can become a rich and have authority in hand.

Lying-his collection

This sleeping posture to see clearly your feelings of insecurity, so you can arise please selfish, or quiz his knights and intends revenge. Because you very backaches, should those around, but the best are to avoid an your pain that makes you outrage.

Lying-co a leg

Is your personality traits or panic fear and too sensitive. You always love to whine and blame excuses. So can guess what that addition, you also always have the fucking strain mood, so very easy to have those reactions for less. You have to remind yourself that life is actually not at all formidable, please learn how to relax yourself!

Straight-leg stretch lie Jiang hands

Always free and rich in enthusiasm! This sleep posture clearly sincere properties. You are always making other people feel comfortable, was the worship of beauty. You can make a lot of money but also spendthriftness.

Another feature of making other people unhappy that is, you or the fray, and the one thing worse than it is, you seem to be a person who enjoyed by other people's defects hook. So who'd you become the protagonist of the next story?

Located straight-two hands to nape

You have great intelligence Summit and efforts to learn. However sometimes have wild thoughts, makes people difficult to understand, hard to walk with you. You so know how to care for a loved one, but the main problem is very hard to love someone.

Located straight-legs catch cross

People have this sleeping posture are usually Self-indulgence, they're familiar with knowledge in life, so it is difficult to accept the change. Alone may be the best choice in your subconscious. Or in other words, the ability to solve your problem always depends on the patient.

Other posture-limbs to people

Do always gets giằn with memories not good before, so you always feel emptiness, boredom, immerse in defeat and turbulent past. Because that seems to be a lack of assertiveness, or stagnation, not definitive, the impression of people about you is that you have to love missed his.

Other posture-hooded blanket sealed

In public places you always proved people indifferent, relaxed and straightforward, however in you always hidden and feeling weak. If the rough difficult to come to the set, you would rather endure the torment rather than asking others for help. A genus of sleep your posture really odd.=