Selfish, miserable wives and children all have these 4 characteristics in common

1. Never acknowledge the contributions of others

In marriage, many women give up their careers to be their husbands rear. They always try hard and sacrifice for their husbands so that their husbands are free to start their own businesses without having to worry about anything. But a foolish woman, a good man will take those sacrifices for granted and he doesn't take them seriously. Even scolding his wife for food, so women do not make money is miserable.


2. Good at avoiding responsibility

Selfish men always dump all of their responsibility onto others but don't accept their responsibility. If something goes wrong instead he takes responsibility and will find a way to blame others. This is the kind of man and woman who takes it with only suffering.

3. Only care, pay attention to your emotions

A man who only sees his emotions as top will often be heartless, not putting himself in the case of others. They do what they need just to be happy but not to think about the feelings of their wives and children or family members.


4. Always yourself as the center

The selfish man always rejects others' requests, forcing others to follow his will and live in their own world. eye.