Shocked when she says: 'don't use the bag of me, I don't like'

Indeed, when familiar children and love you, I dare not think of me as a girl how active, from the times of dating, marriage, and the latter is what the "relationship", you always make me confused.

Come together in a friend's birthday party, immediately I was over zealous in my sunny smile conquered, dashing and very beautiful, fun talking I, although the two don't know each other. I then ask for the phone number and facebook to contact about I agree. Right that night and I was "chatting" on the network, you also tell is just parting lovers do you love gambling, then betrayed me with others. I also share the closest relationship that also took place two years ago, also at the present, I still live life single.

I was very shocked to know more about her. Photo illustrations

Both then got together to do the people you loved, or brunch drink, see movies, both companies are also not far away from each other so much should sometimes go for lunch. Each time a business trip far away, I leave a message call interested see how, I usually like. Then the sentiment just gradually grew up as often, and I recognize that we have crossed the threshold of friendship and are ready for a new step in the relationship.

The early days as "the lovers", I still quite shy and hesitate, and then actively holding hands, embrace me. Maybe it's because I have "experience" I just like the new kids large son daughter than I though those years. What must come also to, after kissing, we "related" to each other as the other couple. But sadly, that was the moment I realized I had no idea things in, while hitting "for fire on how" I lie to phắt away, I said I don't like wearing a bag like this, feeling "happy" loss. Turned out to be the former children and ex- General had been bedding should I pretty proficient at it.  Although previously I have prepared psychologically for that but the truth is I still inevitably shocked to hear the same thing.

I don't know how can living with his obsessions are things like this. Although still always love you a lot but it seems the love has gradually chipped ...=