The daughter, just hard enough and fit enough ...

When the old people always said my daughter will need "a good girl" now here, people copied the mouth good girl bored now, said to be the "girl" is new or damage, as well.

That ended, the daughter is right or should new new naughty good girl is right?

He said good girl is the daughter of gentle make sure are always listen to their parents. Slut girl is also like make money to go to eat better is going to the kitchen, don't listen to anyone that just always do what's best for themselves.

Then don't be good girl to be a passive girl, always just know listening to others talking, always plug the bow in the input job chúi kitchen nực. But also the slut, when difficulties can not know take care of yourself, or just remove the comments of others just to assert his ego.

Please be a girl "personality"-Emperor enough wisdom and patience can listen to other people's opinions, to be able to learn to do things for everyone and feminine also damaged just enough to keep the ones I own-the storage idea.

He also said good girl always gracious, gentle, timid in love đươnng. Slut girl is no longer subject to interest in the other person's feelings, love yourself and have no regrets.

Then don't be good girl to always "keep reviews" waiting for fatigue and tear that didn't dare do anything for love , never be able to experience the wild Gander, carved the awkward interval of youth. But also don't be the slut never yield out, take care of their loved ones, and also don't love hard because no man would ever deserve for ourselves can hard at all.

Please be a girl "just enough" to make their sons know cherish what you have and "given just enough to" make the enemy feel his sincerity.

He also said good girls always know for others, willing to give up his career to care for my husband. Slut also put his career on the top, everything is after all.

So, please don't be good girl to sometimes at alone back to quietly wiped tears as longing work that interested her. But also don't be good girl to night sometimes have to quietly asleep on the desk of solitude.

Please be a girl, "a field", to be able to divide the proper time, to the side of his loved ones when they need me in the side, to be able to build a career that didn't hesitate to stress the friendship.

A good boy or girl slut has the pros cons. Never manually assign labels for yourself, do not ever order her mound into a mold "nnn" or "naughty" girls.

Let's become people that she wants to, just hard enough and fit enough.=