The husband and wife writing 'diary of 5 years in prison'

Husband-wife family story "the Fox and the Wolf". I'm a 34 year old Wolf, husband. My wife is poor, I'm 5 years old, my wife also many old and childish personality, but vindictive, lying with my husband. ... We got together on "jail" up to now has been 5 years and has a lovely Cotton Bunny Boy 4 years old.

And here is the log of my small family life in those years:

1. Day.........

One day, I told my wife: "wife, very long I don't feel afraid jerks shot himself".

The next day, my wife led me to a luxury store selling jewelry, and then told me to look at the price of them.

I think my wife is still higher, belly.

"My wife, a very long time and then you don't feel afraid jerks shot himself".

2. Day.........

Today sees the form of clumsy wife's nervous at kill the fish, I like to wash the shame today, DAC Italy asked his wife: "pig and what relationship"

One surprise was the wife turned back and answered: married relationship.

3. Day.........

My wife and I arguing a battle. In the bedroom, my wife hold the scissors cut a hole on my ass and say: "To mosquitoes fly in to bite you to death"

an hour passed, his wife took the sticky tape that hole again. Seeing as my wife's, in fact I think, sure she regrets it, actually my wife who is still, Buddha SOAP guns she hurt me the most.

Think I just recorded through the abdomen, heard her muttering 1: "a mosquito flew in much also, to paste it back, don't let them fly out".

Dizziness I face.

4. Day.........

In the evening my wife said we have to share the housework, and then ask me:

"Washing and cleaning your House?". I select the wash Bowl.

Washing is done my wife asked: "bath for children and clean the House?". I choose for my bath.

Bath for the finished his wife asked: "Dry kids went to bed he tempted and pick which one". I pause for a moment and then select dry.

Laundry done back in the room to see his wife and baby were sleeping soundly, I suddenly feel as though there is not true ...

5. Day.........

One day, I head read newspapers, his wife suddenly said: "I think you should go to the eye. Time machine, I saw you type enough television looks like myopia. ". Watch out increasingly attentive to my wife, thinking here, in my heart feel very warm.

I said: "tomorrow I will free space to store measuring vision see the stars".

My wife immediately said: "no, that's okay. Now I can help you measure the vision ". She is just on the corner of the door and asked: "what do you see?".

I sell credits for sale: "A plastic bag".

"What color?"


"Used to do?"

"To dust".

"Full Bag or bags are not".

"Full Bag of garbage".

"He's very good eyesight, but why every time you go out, see this garbage-filled packaging bags so you pretend not to see. I also thought you were close! ".

6. Day ... month ... year ...

Wife birthday, my wife wants to buy a fur coat, and he solicited me: "I love you birthday coming up, and then, I like a fur coat. I went to see with you!!! ".

I think the belly normally argue her husband as the guillotine which rolls sweet today as pouring bile into the ears, what type should also be wary. The truth exactly as I predicted. I Pat the thighs: "Stays, the couple went together, but that foot up, then closing the Zoo".

Listen, I'm a nasty look torn and wife face!!!

7. Day.........

One day, I lament: "after marriage, I understand marriage is weighs shackles".

His wife nodded expressed empathy: "Probably, of course, so had to have 2 people together shouldering".

I smile sneaking says: "I think the view that has been? If there are three people together shouldering responsibility, you also reduce the agony he was also more comfortable ".

I have just finished, my wife flew in snatching my hair. Pain điếng!!!

8. Day.........

Some day before I heard my wife compliment I have in front of you neighbors, normally only 2 husband and wife was his wife cooking, but in front of outsiders is also not what type of cooking my husband, I'm really incredibly touching. Waiting for his wife in the House, I grabbed her hands and say: "thanks for the compliments you have in front of neighbors. He's really very touching. "

Muffled wife says: "no money, no looks, well, if I don't say you have, people will swear you stupid go get new England".

9. The day ... month ... year ...

One day is during working hours, the phone call to his wife, panic: "Oh, my husband is dead. Today his home being visited by thieves ".

I hurriedly asked: "Lost map?"

Máo mếu wife: "building unleashed all over, 5 million in lost clothes. I'm cleaning the Watch has lost something else or not. The police arrived, the thieves stealing food at the same instant, home Accesories catch back then, rumors are now in the police confront, you have to take what the view list "

Me: "come to see behind the wedding photo on top of the bed with an envelope, which has 5 million".

2 minutes later. ...

His wife said: "I look down and wedding photo removed, the back nothing at all."

I panic, this thief very wise indeed, those where the money that my wife and I don't know why she said that. In which there is less money, I am crazy.

I told my wife to hurry to the toilet see: "behind the radiator tank, there is a gap, crammed in a glossy black bag, you see the ball bag still in it again?"

five minutes later, his wife called to announce: "no honey, you remember or the wrong place".

I worry how Wrong to say: "are you at light, go to the bathroom to check is still that, of a total of 10 million, all of the money are the same series. It was the last year the company scholarships he draws half ".

My wife asked to pack: "only this, uh, forget your place?"

I sadly: "gone, only 15 million.".

I remind my wife: "I must speak clearly with the police the money there?".

His wife serenely replies: "Okay, thanks for a excellent in service burglar rehearsal of his family at this time."

I am stunned face, turn their eyes, tears flow into the River, the women ended up being caused by local Elves would turn into?

During the past 5 years we have together experience bitter, spicy, sour, sweet of the life. And by the way, did not know his wife had read this article Report of Wolf's husband? But from deep in the heart of my husband always wants to tell his wife something: "Reports, though you have to where her husband lying Wolf has been and will love you more than what you think".=