The last sentence haunts of his wife before leaving ...

As of today, my beloved new wife leave this world was 10 days that I and my children have seen countering gender disparity and emptiness. Look at my wife died, I'm sad, I'm hurt and helplessness too. Over the last 2 years, I was brave against the root of cancer of the breast to be able to extend his time in the side my husband and relatives. Song and then, still have a date I'm not resisting.

My wife and I now have is the world of difference. But I and my son 5 years still remember me. Her grandfather, grandmother and sisters 2 on your exterior side would also bring fresh flowers on the burn incense in memory of the children. Then, both the House back to children, telling the story about you. One eye smudge away because tears. I know, as do I, they were, are and will forever remember about you in his mind.

I can't forget the day I first met in a cafe. Look at me sitting quiet which I see you have something different than those other girls. At the time, I parted lovers. And I have come to the party you're gentle, Unicorn la acquainted. Then I gradually feel dear children ever do not know.

It takes more than a year later, when I had next to some good sad, I received my feelings. Day two married, my tenderness in gorgeous wedding dress made me feel like I was a happy groom for this world. The day after, you keep gently on the side, I used to care for the feast, each of the dresses are hand children's weekly th峄沵 straight before I came to Office.

The day I was born baby, the couple's happiness as is compounded. Hard than when our children or cry sexual harassment, grave illness, but never have I see you complaining or complaining about the tedious. In contrast, many times you told me, I'm so glad to have my husband and child next.

married 4 years, I have never been to the encyclopedia together. You just gently vun closer to family. Did I hurt my wife, not because his wife wanted to live life hard and should always strive hard at work. The results I achieved in work has a silhouette of my loving wife. And we also get a private house step by step to your beautiful.

The small family house I'm living alone have fun as well, more than two years ago, I started having these unusual manifestations in the chest. Children constantly more room in the double mountain and have mixed blood or blackish. And then my chest also starts getting hurt and have many sores ulcers. The hospital doctors have concluded data News: I have breast cancer.

For over 2 years, how you, because my husband, I have myself tried hard to overcome yourself in treatments. There are times to receive results, you eager and eagerly draws out many intended in his work. The song also has the time, found the treatment process is not satisfactory, you sad and worried. You say death is impermanent, don't worry yourself that I just worry for my children, for my husband and all the ones in the back.

Before the loss of two days, I reach my husband hands that suggest in tears. I said, your father I don't have in mind to children when the children went away. By you're gone whose heart remains very happy. You will come to a world far away and there you will wait for your father. I too think that both thought saying no. Would, it is finally seeing the words of my wife before leaving this life realms.

Before the loss of two days, I reach my husband hands that suggest in tears.

My wife was away from your father I'm guys. All the dates of 3 beautiful people my house is still there. All my belongings are still there. The mobile phone of his wife, still all background images to my home. In the bedroom of the couple still has a picture of the two of us, and then the picture of her with me anymore ... Only my wife is no longer present next to my father.

10 days on, would I also like still see my silhouette in this House. I still like to hear your The last sentence haunts of his wife before leaving I said laughing. I and my children do not know and can not do anything worth while you're away. In particular, I don't know what to do when the poet for a few moments, moments asked his mother. I still remember you, and need you to so that you still can't help but please leave your father that I go?

Tomorrow I will when yourself are withered worn each hour every minute? Why haven't I hate fate like this. What irony again fate and cruel to me takes his wife forever.

Why does fate to my wife, to my wife just lies there but can witness every step of my child? By I know I hurt you and wants to live with her so much. I tried my best but still could not be true? Why the fun day of the brief that we, my wife!=