The orphaned groom comes to welcome the bride alone, but just to the gate saw his father-in-law waiting for him and do this

- What wedding party that the groom has no one, people go to the wedding to celebrate the grandparents but little extraordinarily naughty. After all, grandparents have only one daughter to let her know and get an orphan.

He meekly just smiled and did not say anything more, his daughter's happy day how can be angry with a few people. Marriage is free as long as the son will later make his daughter's husband a good man - ethical and have the will to proceed.

Remembering the day his son-in-law came out, he was always impressed by his calmness, maturity, and age. Although he is 2 years older than his daughter, but looking at his daughter, the small lady he has made money for a long time ago, he feels sorry and admires for the hard work and the constant effort. Your vacation to be able to survive even more than a lot of people.

After a period of contact, grandparents agreed to always give 2 wives. Like other parents, expect their children to be kind, get married into a family for a little bit to help them suffer later. But knowing how, the fate of his daughter to meet his son-in-law, though he now has nothing in his hand but certainly in the future will be very bright.

He called him alone to talk about wedding ceremonies such as marriage and marriage, he said:

- Father gave not his daughter for you, all procedures are minimal and symbolic, no need to be picky, colorful. Parents don't need that.


He knew that he loved her so much that she didn't want him to be in debt, but he had accumulated quite a few years to think about getting married. Therefore, the ceremony of the groom's family is not missing anything but the representative party, there is no one but him and his close friends in the same plight.

On the day of receiving the bride, the bride's family also anticipated that the party would come to pick the bride with only a "call" car. But when he saw the groom coming from afar, he was alone and his friends went behind and felt sorry, if a normal person surely this great day of fun will have parents and relatives. Glad.


But unexpectedly, when he just walked up to the gate, his father-in-law had been waiting for him ever since. He entered the boys' union and said in the amazement of everyone:

- I asked the doctors and men to take the hand of my daughter, and I asked to be the father-in-law of the groom to pick up the bride. I represent an adult from the groom's family to ask for a bride

- Thank you, Daddy, I'm really grateful to Daddy! - He was emotionally choked with words.

- My father is still polite.

He also had tears in his eyes, but tried to keep calm to join him in the procession. So his daughter's wedding became unique, the father-in-law became the father, but everyone was happy because of the very respectable act of this wonderful father-in-law.