The secret to help you attack the person you secretly cheated for so long

1. Don't be someone else, be yourself

Usually when we like someone we do everything to impress, but don't be silly or different from your true self. Do not impress the other person by doing stupid actions and words. So don't become others, just be yourself.


2. Not always present

If someone knows that you have feelings for them, they won't let their feelings on you, they will take this opportunity to take advantage of you even though you know it. So in the approach space, do not be too enthusiastic. Know when to be superficial, when to be passionate.

3. Show the person what you dislike about them

When you like a person, you will see that they are completely perfect, but the smart ones that look out are the shortcomings of this method that make you uncomfortable. Focusing on that defect will make you less enthusiastic about them, instead make the other person pay attention to you and invisible you can easily conquer.


4. Don't wait

Waiting and dreaming doesn't help you get what you want. In fact, if you spend all day with your crush on someone who doesn't care about it, that hurt person is you. Remove the "tape" and start the next step. It is not only a strong point to attract the other person but also makes you feel better about yourself.