The things men love but never say out

The things men love but never say out

When you active the previous guy message

In love, a guy texted his girl before, then there's nothing to be surprised or arguing. But in return, if you actively texting for the previous guy, sure he would feel very glad and happy. Guy will feel you remember guy, thinking the guy very much should actively communicate with the new guy. Don't need you inspired something too big, just a simple sentence such as: "You eat yet?", may have made claims to the Muslim guy happy.

When you tell a guy friend is your lover

Guy will feel very happy, proud when you proactively embrace the hands guy and tell your friends that: "this is the man I love". Make sure to hear you say, he will be glad to see you appreciate. Moreover, the work you publicly with people will cause more feel assured about the guy and the relationship between 2 people will have the sure, sure.

When you apply yourself in the chest he

Not only have you, he also enjoyed the feeling when you pressure yourself into chest guy. The action brings the feeling of sweet, happy, he did like to be sheltered, protected for you.

When you donate a small gift for him but the meaning

You don't think that the only new girl enjoy are gifts, the guy when the gift also felt surprise and pleasure. You do not need to prepare a gift too gaudy, expensive, you just make the guy see you cornered into that gift was the guy was very touching. A scarf knit itself into the cold season, or a pair of gloves, wool self hooks are great suggestions.

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When you "pretend" a little guy nhẽo nhõng

Guy will feel very pleased and happy when you know how to nhõng nhẽo a lovely way, just right when the next guy. Is there anything more wonderful than the feeling of being at the edge of a beloved storage shake, little, innocent. Guy will feel comfortable, the late troubles, tired will vanish. Guy will feel powerful, can defend, protect for you.

When you say praise the guy

The human psyche, who also like to praise, encouragement to do something good. The guy is not the exception. When the guy with the guy you just breeze excitedly do something, don't pity compliments guy, this will cause the guy so happy, excited. Love was raised from little things like that.

When you manually only I could love lyrics

What's more happiness feeling to hear people love saying the word emotional. Guy will happy to mad when you told the guy that: "I love you", "I miss you" ... The sentence "damage" is very high, make sure the guy will soaked in happiness and love you so much. Don't hesitate anymore without talking with your son. In love, never save the word love.=


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