The tragedy follows the 'discounted' the old girl's spectacular

Think his dose of Marine belly up a plan that no one suspected to take tragedy to., the gai, gai, nguoi yeu co don, thanh nien, ...

Aqua beautiful capital is the home of the food to stay in Hanoi. Even when sitting on the seat Lecture Hall she had not a few guys to Italy but which computer should be careful to choose her lover must also proposed a separate standard. Her lover is not only handsome, rich but also incur ga Tomb. Then fate also smiled when the marine meets Germany also boy's Hanoi root.

Love each other less than two years but were hastily given lifetime daughter to Germany, with the hope that two people will have a good future. But no surprise out German school let Cards to run under the new situation, it is a class under the nice young girl. After the first shock, crashing out "boring", you define the temporary stay already. After this search is correct, as my army lang German standard of her love story counts.

Picture 1 of The tragedy follows the 'discounted' the old girl's spectacular

Picture 1 of The tragedy follows the 'discounted' the old girl's spectacular

A love road Telecom's "old girl" ...

The spectacular old girl's unsuccessful escape ... U30

So time goes quickly, most of the year after year, not dating with anybody that just flood you girls College. But for how long, Marine friends pull together to go get married. Must recognize that, although Marine friends not beautiful, not rich like you but who also stole her husband rich, handsome medium medium back loves his wife thoroughly made Cards to plates, thuồng cravings.

Marine parents find her daughter destined 30 but still not have any husband should hustle urged. Even to help bring the Marine dad also bought my daughter an apartment and told her to move out. He declared, "now you have your own life to children, elderly parents and must also have a life of their own. The homes there, car has, not afraid to get her husband. From now your parents don't let your other addition. "

He said Chinese bamboo rat on her hands the keys and papers, her name stand. Cards while getting property from her parents, but not from the bag. The words her father spoke as the center of the Vortex can only estimated, at that price as her lover will marry immediately.

From the day out in the new Marine alone manner what is called loneliness. Cards feel extremely regretful, now the guy chasing you all have home interior surface yen. Also some guy is flirting are hinted more poorly, they have yet to have something in his hand besides the superficial glamour. The marine said, these kids who come to you through is because she has money, home, car, rather than have the love to them as luxuries.

Through my friend finally and familiarity with Marine met Quang, a 40 year old guy, used to have a life of his wife and two sons. Quang was handsome, wealthy and very close to the calendar. At first, knowing the optical has undergone marriage Cards have reservations. But the courtship of Optics, as well as the words road suite from this guy, have gradually reasons. Sometimes even she still actively flirting, which makes Optical not from embarrassment.

After 2 months of dating, Optical Glass and officially married in the time of everyone. The marine friends people praise guys for that she too hastily, frivolity.

When the evil party is about the time she and her husband together. Before the couple closer, stolid Optics give a Covenant with his wife. Quang told the marine that he has three bank accounts, the money her husband enough to live my life not enjoyment. But in return, and he will not have children. Also by, he had two children with his ex-wife, both are making him frustrated. I don't feel like my life has a young child, now you just look forward to the day the son stalk only.

Aqua hear you can also shade nod, she thought, this story just to slowly and convincingly, so she didn't argue.

Time goes fast, and out of marriages impervious also spent 2 years but still absent child laugh. Many people believe that the marine had problems, and those who understand the story, became so worried instead of Cards.

"You just hear him, until he gets bored of you, kicking you like playing Italy. He is rich that what's missing daughter. To listen I make for him a stale boy tied him again. You're assured him like you now "-she donation.

"Trap" to ... keep my husband

Before your friends ' warnings, marine planning "traps" but forever trap over 1 year and still no results whatsoever. Cards suddenly thought "her husband essential Italy. Make him aware that his ". Said she was still determined to "have no other way of pitching his way".

And then, one day, when she thanks to pick Cards help because she has a flight to Dalat. Marine officers to every one bottle that looks two demons. Look at the two extremely adorable baby Cards crave. She estimated the price for her unborn child as it is also happiness. Think Marine belly dose yourself up a plan that no one suspected, daring and ruthless "that is stealing the sperm" friend's husband.

9 pm last night, her husband, her close friend back home. Cards pretending to sleep on the sofa, asleep kids should know 2 Cards rest with his plan. When he goes, he's still unfolding room door, suddenly stormed into hugged him Kiss get married to. Incidentally, there is a resistance ... and then the two men have had moments of sublimation great. Narcissus think belly "he's health civil engineers that".

The story that day, only two people knew. Later on, the meetings between the 2 Glass family and him pretend what happened yet due have agreed in advance. two weeks later, the pregnancy. She excitedly, holding the ultrasound pregnancy start khấp driving a rush on to my husband. That day, thought her husband would immensely happy, or reluctant to embrace his wife. But everything is totally contrary to her regret.

Snatching the paper pregnancy ultrasound from the hand of his wife, fiber throw straight into the desktop "go out of this House. Woman a bitch ".

Hydraulic startled "He fell. Not all children with him doesn't mean anything? He didn't hurt me, at least should think for his children, for his blood? ".

Hear eyes optical, smile dude?: "You crazy. From the day I left, I knew youth themselves infertile. Okay, I suffer from infertility. My ex-wife has also shared the Wal with other men, lay their two sons. I have accepted it, raising them as his own blood. But in the end, she still left me to follow him, she let the real father. And now, the kind of women like her, in my house, spend my money but "went" with others to deceive me... "

Aqua hear each word, each letter that my heart aches as she chokes can be incredibly real everything become like that. With you everything is really in pain, a late marriage, tragedy, a spectacularly unsuccessful escape but then you must go with white hands.=

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