Things to avoid if you want with 12 Zodiac

What should do if it wants to with 12 Zodiac

Birch: much promise, so much promise

Is the first Zodiac, Birch's character was always very simple and sincere. Their standards about what is also very basic and obvious, don't pass the boundary. Birch said is done, not what the country double measures. They especially hate those "bring they promise".

If you promise, birch, not afraid to make out and then leave about you.

Extravagant spending in front of Taurus

The home is about material shouldn't of Taurus so understand the importance of the Austrian rice rice money. Homes are facilities, for the right money, enough to feed cộp district thick filled the new Taurus pleasing can do other things. Therefore, they hate even worse spend habits and extravagant belongings lack consciousness. They that see you behaving so style, more than enough for an affair.

IM like paddy when the talking Cay

Often, Gemini can easily with people. Their personalities are very friendly and pleasant. Only thing is, they type of people underwater, said non-stop. If you do not find what to say or not able to meet the type of chat of trance Gemini, soon they will be bored and looking to the others immediately.

Invasion of private space of Cancer

Located in Award type has the mood changed as the pinwheel. Today they may be laughing, but tomorrow vanishes without a trace. The times like, whether you are curious or anxiety to those also don't try to question the probe is located. They always need a private rest time, and then later can "burst of silk". Once compromised to this personal space, you will lose the Cancer forever.

To the self respect of the lion

Always carry seem confident and Lion pride, always wanted to make the center of attention. But inside they are quite sensitive to everything that other people commented about himself. Don't do these things make a lion pride, such forgotten to invite them to attend the occasion, or gain control from the hands of a lion.

Bug catcher Virgo

More than anyone, Virgos are self conscious of her shortcomings, without you having to pull out.

Virgo yet or criticize others but also very strict with yourself. More than anyone, they are most aware of his shortcomings, so don't decry Virgo a blunt way. If you want to comment anything with them, please select the way real gently. If not, you hard with Virgo.

Forcing Libra must decide

Protect the Libra stands out as the resolution of the dispute, the situation was, rather than tell them to make decisions, especially decisions concerning themselves is extremely difficult. Little things like choosing what to eat, where they also lost speed 2, 3. The important thing there, fella, Libra takes the whole month, or even year ... no joke. Come on, you just decided to heal.

Make Scorpion lost confidence

Scorpion is particularly focused on honesty. With them, all relationships are based on mutual trust. Only once cheating though is small also can cause them to lose trust you forever. So frankly as possible. Don't take the hide do spend because with his sharp intuition, Scorpion soon also.

Control Codes

You have attempted to probe the questions of human code also will not reply to that make out the face.

If know each other not yet how long that you had intended to question the home where people do what is best, don't deal with. The "horse" should we kick up the dance flying all over the place, do not try to return them for diamonds. Let them free, plus a little interest, spoil, some Centaurs will "dive" into your arms.

Ignored the principles of Ma Links

The Mission of Ma is set out these rules and laws. They respect discipline, hard, perseverance, patience. If you will be appreciated and they are willing to help. But if you break the rules, The Ghost will notice two people too different and do not want to waste of time for you.

Despise the idea of Aquarius

Known as the Zodiac Zhao hell and eccentric, in the beginning of Aquarius is always full of new ideas, unique. When in doubt you loud was getting them right, however, don't help out. Stuff that most confident Aquarius is your brain, you should not decry what "running away" from her brain if it wants to do with Aquarius.

Bao Pisces stop daydreaming

PISCES is very properly or to let the imagination fly high, fly away, hovering on clouds. Though slightly impracticable a bit but the important fantasy with Pisces, than real life much. Thus, Pisces is the most hated by others pulled down off the ground in a blatant way.=