Things to do before going to bed if you want a full-blown marriage

1. Chat together

Before going to bed, talk to each other about 10 - 20 minutes, this is the secret to help warm up the feelings of the two become closer. Talking will help both understand each other and live happily together for a long time.

2. Recall the first moments together


Before going to bed, both husband and wife reminisce about each other's first meeting. It will definitely make both of you happy, happy, and bring positive feelings to make the love more intimate.

3. Massage each other

According to research, the massage for each other will feel more satisfied and love life. Because massage helps both improve health, help husband and wife healthy, love life.

4. Listen to each other


Singing before bed is a great way to bring the two of you together. A wife can sing to her husband or a husband can lull her to hear with sweet melodies Will make both of you much happier.

5. Laugh together

Husband and wife who do not want to lose the happy atmosphere, do not bring a sad face to bed and vent their angry partners. This makes both tired and incomplete sleep. If there is a conflict, the dispute should be settled and going to bed is not angry or arguing anymore.