To 30-year-old women: If you absolutely love someone, don't do something stupid later, take pity on yourself

30-year-old woman be wise, never love to the point of exhaustion

Women who are in their 30s, be wiser, don't listen to the call of the heart but know how to use reason. 30 years old, was no longer young, undergoing many broken down, tasted a lot of bitterness. If the heart shakes before anyone, no matter how perfect and how wonderful they are, don't be foolish to love with energy, to sacrifice everything, to forget your self-worth.

Women, 30 years old, whether love blossomed, or shattered into ashes, do not show regret, compassion. You have the right to cry, but get up quickly. Don't expect your opponent too much, because no one is perfect. The bigger the hope, the more frustration. Only when you are strong and strong enough can you protect yourself, not for anyone to look down.

Women should remember, don't spoil the man excessively

If it is too much for a man, it will make him heartless, automatically enjoy your love, but forget to give. He will think that caring, rice is the woman's function, which will always be taken lightly, not appreciated. Even when sadness comes, happiness is forgotten. So, are you in his heart different from a toy?

30-year-old woman, be alert, don't tie yourself to such a one-way love. No matter how deep your heart, be alert and let go. In his heart, you are just a trunk for mistletoe more, when you have drained the sap, no longer worth taking advantage of, not thrown away, what for? Women should remember, such men do not love you and cannot follow you for a lifetime. Stubbornly holding on to such a relationship, is it destroying one's own happiness?

30-year-old woman, the more you have to love yourself

30-year-old women remember that the only person in love in the world is yourself. Even betrayal, pain to the bone, do not resent but lose yourself. Instead, please be pampered, so that you can be more perfect and good. 30-year-old women should invest in a career. Have enough money to live, plenty to love pampering yourself, travel, expand knowledge. Absolutely do not rely on and become someone's burden.