'Two legs', I dare not wear skirts

The white shirt of mine played out like a beautiful dream, bright morning bike ride up the town learned about the family help, field work, Buffalo blanket cut grass on the slopes of topics, see the light of the sunset fall to the foot of the mountain. Maybe that's why the University Park, prepare yourself to Hanoi to live the life of students, I have cried since no sobbed laptops away from his home country. But then my parents motivate me to try to learn good, make a lot of money to help my family, help my hometown get rid of poverty, I firmly believe, ripped off tears to line up.

I fear my parents found out.

Hanoi is indeed a far cry from where I was, it's hustle, bustle, crowded and complex than many times. During the first period, I also have the feeling of fear this place and not a few times thinking ... leave the country get married. But also try to keep back, or can also be thanks to him, the man was in the right cover for me when I feel confused and fall for. Originally the letter not to the sender, be friends line hands on lecture, then the messages of encouragement. In the end I know it was you, and also do not hesitate to confide about her life. Candidly, I had my trust, we see each other outside, go to the café, wandering the streets. Then I hold him in the wind chill, it's time I know that I have loved.

Not long after that, he asked me to go to the hostel. I was very shocked and immediately rejected, I find that scary, you're not a good person. But he insisted that a squid is because you love me and not what other purposes. I also mủi the Palm, and then we're also real relations. It is true that it made me feel excited, we are blending and usually very numerous times, relations have on 4.5 "Association Agreement". Have the child you tell me to, "take two" legs, first I do not know what is new, then it is an indication to realize is has "relationships".

The more I get pregnant after "rain cloud" do not use safety measures. I was crying so much, he also said that like to keep this baby but we both are going to school, the right scene is not quite what the author for Orange, so if this back at the wedding sealed the road to the future of the two, I finally decided to get pregnant, our relationship from that wobble both feel bored. And now it's portrayed, legs I went two rows as being round necklaces I can not close the legs back so dare not wear skirts that are just dressed up the broad avenue of support for him. On about my hometown I stand sit just fear of being discovered, if my parents knew I had relationships, even abortion then surely they wouldn't let me back to Hanoi. I suffer because cheated his own relatives.=