Wedding night frightened husband master

(MissNews)-"access all glasses when she saw lovely, cultured now seems to forever, forever, to cover the face are red Zebra up horror of Dung"., dem tan hon, dang in comparison, thac ...

The page is a graduate of the school of medicine, with a good degree, should be familiar to do in a hospital in the city. Female education, striving, filmed going back nearly 30 years nghét has.

Women form not page no, on the contrary, she is still pretty high, pretty, more gentle washing properties should also have more guy may die, but until now she still not be one.

Enteric fever Page parents, thanks to the matchmaking forever, eventually also aims to be an object like dung-boys name Italy over five Pages, the new masters degree abroad, also with the page. It is true that nothing is cooking again. Dung is the same page, mesmerized for her career too that forget about the family.

The first meeting, both luck and Dung are sympathetic about the enemy. The page seems like decent, mail, with glass eyes look very official school. Also Dung is attracted to the gentle nature of gas, the foursome of page.

Know and love should have Page 2 family side strove even piling, by her parents would also gut sôt married story of 2 people. Less than 3 months later, Dung asked page.

The wedding took place in the fun, joy of all people. Courageous and correct Page is your best girlfriend, boyfriend puts yours are admired. The ideas page happiness will entirely with her, but unbelievably, the right wedding night, her shock of disillusion.

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Wedding night frightened husband master Photo description.

First the intimacy of a man, from the shaky Page to say, how thrilling. Dung seem more experience, he gently guided step-by-step, Page step by step. Courageous moments threaded down under, taking all the effort to go to the page, she felt pain to the point of tears, just know the tooth biting movement endure for.

Done, when the page is still painful, the family with the hands grab the clothes wear the feel Courageous fact in under the bed not up forever, courageous with the hand turned bright power makes the page feel downright family. A moment later, the Courageous head asked: "why don't you see drops of blood, dead stars". How emotions in the page are now paralyzed, she stunned the skeptical on what her husband has just said. She stuttered: "I don't know, this is the first time that their children". "Oh, she fooled me, she thought I was dumb, she ate lying with man. I thought her gentle wisdom, turned out well just what spoiled girls... ".

Unexpected page, cry not restrain, thanh minh dung, how well does not believe. Look at master's husband and Director of daily adventure are upset, suddenly found scary Page and disgusting. Access every pair of glasses when she saw lovely, cultured now seems to forever, forever, to cover the face are red Zebra horror up of Dung.

From, each night as a nightmare for the page. In front of everyone, the Dung still proved normal, spoil your wife, but at night, close at 2 feet back like wounded animals, every tear, inflicted enough trivia Page. «Fear, fight back then were Courageous yelled. Dung not sorry lyrics abuse, insults the page makes her feel extreme fear medium to medium heavy psychological trauma. Even on the page that month, Dung also does not disengage. Remorse page incredibly, she did not know when retrieved real unsuspecting Dung Dung is a sick guys so dreadful.

Married 3 months, most claim the divorce Page. Her parents, they found no one to understand why his mother left to take advantage of the Home Page, to apologize to his parents, dung and his son-in-law. Only the page remains resolutely kept his intentions. She can not live all my life with a man as courageous. She was paying, already suffering a lot to this decision. But you know, I have to save herself, she is not free to escape this life, then she must live in hell along with the husband.