What to do when your girlfriend infertility

Me and my girlfriend love each other is more than 2 years. Me and my college class together. Would like to have the opportunity to be at the next should care for each other, love each other is half a year, we are living together.

Living so "that" no sooner then later also occur. I and my close each other very often. Initially fearing has elected to use contraceptives, but heard drinking more is not good, so I no longer use.

Then, after 3 months of turning about living together, my baby. That moment, both are headaches with thesis, you asked me to do, I was really scared, yet out of school I was pregnant, my parents sure kill me. Moreover, looking back on the scene now living, two dozen more house rental square metres, the cramped, dark texture, born son out, don't know what kind of parenting . Our parents are in agriculture, with absolutely no ability to pay. The table away again, though very painful but I am and I will drop the consistency of this pregnancy. You look terrible, I pity you. I know its selfish, so I promise to crush the will to love, care for children in order to recoup the loss you suffered.

After that, we carefully over each time closer to each other. guys I'm out of school, because not every official should work find a job ahead to sustain life. I'm doing the reception in a restaurant to eat, did I do the media for a pharmaceutical company. Just enough income to cover your daily life.

However, the two do not always close well the previous calculations that use measures. That day, I went on, some wine festival in person, not in control of myself, and I did it completely natural. More than a month later, the children informed me, I have to vote.

Hear me say, I'm excited just worry. Anyway we also off the field and then, at least not economically dependent on their parents. I am told I will be married, my Boo, cry and hugged me very tightly. I know this is the desire of the children. Lead me home, my parents also agreed to organize for you guys, all the work met 2, 2 side parents also conducted rushing.

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But maybe, he still challenges our sky, the coast less than children should again I do not hold his child. That day I went to work on late at night, go to the intersection then occur collisions, I fell down the road, so blood flowing out, new abortion almost 2 months of age does not hold.

Woman take you on electrical discharge for me to. I like crazy to the Institute, looking at me lying on the hospital bed, concubine t.h tears I won't close. The doctor told me, I don't keep the child because of strong impact. I face dizziness when heard the doctor say, after the failure of this pregnancy, I almost impossible motherhood.

I cried so much, I just hurt me, just blame yourself, as I come pick you up then didn't happen. Look people love pale, tired, puffy eyes up because crying so much that I just wish I could endure instead.

Take me out to the library, I'm off work to care for children. I felt terrible because the pain of losing my child too big, I can't eat, can't sleep well, several days passed, I thin rộc, Weasley, always is defeated, melancholy. I find it incredibly commercial that doesn't know what to do. Our perfect wedding postponed, I want you to be fine and back to normal life.

Then gradually, as time went by, I eased over slightly, though still very sad but I have again the spirit area. I do go back, I find that I also lightly crush away somewhat. The only thing I'm guilty forever, that is I know I no longer have the ability to do mom, I don't know whether I should tell you not to, just afraid that I know this would not survive.

What worries me more is that my family, my house has 3 older sisters, I'm the son, if you can't have children, I know how to talk. Moreover, the son of nail toxicity, I can't to great family. I'm bewildered, confused, I love you, but you don't know how to solve this.

Daily at next to me, see me weak, me mercy. I really want to marry you now, to offset the pain of the spirit of children, but just thinking about the children I saw frustrated. Can anyone give me advice?=


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