When angry or arguing with a smart woman's husband will never do this

Frustrated, quarrels are the spice for married life, as long as you try to have a way to deal with them effectively so that you can understand each other better, to appreciate the happy moments inside together!

Absolutely avoid dragging the 'third person' into it

All disputes of couples first arise from disagreements among insiders. So, never because you were angry but told your wife something like: 'When we bought a house, my parents could not give a dollar', 'Your drinking friends can't do anything but rely on you. money'…. Such words unintentionally turn men into passive, unprejudiced and easily incited people. A British psychologist once analyzed, enticing others to join will make the battle of the couple more serious.

Keep your parents a secret. Elderly psychological parents are few, but selfish are many. Regardless of the cause, they are always on the side of their own children and for their daughter-in-law or son-in-law to look stricter. Under the improper intervention of parents, the young couple grew more distant and hard to find a common voice.

Do not quarrel in front of others

Placing your partner in an awkward or embarrassing situation is not a good way. No matter how inconsistent, you must follow this principle first. Keep yourself as he / she faces, if you are a little dissatisfied with your husband or wife, be calm and think of a private conversation at the moment that is really necessary. Time without many people will help you have more time to think about this issue more alertly.

Recipes 3 'no'

Many couples every time they fight is just like having a tough fight and starting a long cold war. If so, how to solve the problem and how to sympathize with each other? Psychologists have come up with the 3 'no' secret that you should consult:

- Don't talk about 'enemy'! When quarreling, spouses often criticize things like: 'Why do you treat me like that?', 'You are still old and old!' When talking about each other like this, we accidentally pushed 'the other side' into a position of self-defense, because it was the first natural reaction, and then it was the psychology of counterattack. But when you have this mentality, it is impossible to give in.

- Do not show your disdain! 'The more you don't take me out, the better I am!' Wives often say this every time they are angry with their husbands. Please quit now because this statement is very agitated, even hurting him, and the possibility of love will be greatly reduced after this statement.

- No interruption! Wives often don't want to hear what their husbands say. If you too, you should change this bad habit. When men have opened their mouth to explain, listen to them and give them all, especially, be careful not to interrupt. Just once to interrupt, you won't hear anything from him later on.