Wife, please don't 'win' position of the husband

He screamed suddenly thought out, long time I did not have to hand action on things like fixing water pipes, broken wires, connectors or hook the Clothesline cord, all wives are all hand made. Is he an infinite mind or my wife suddenly became so powerful?

He recalled his childhood siblings love, dating, new stars at that weak sister software, do you n农ng so much. Every time you do a sister sister, household proved very appreciated, she said: "Oh, if there is no help, I don't know how". Hear me say that, you know you're flattering me, but still feel very happy. Feeling like I've just done something very big, but just to help you see she is happy now.

But since married, when she finished her Prawns cu students different back his daughter. The daughter, weak days ago temporarily turned into a woman brought to Warsaw, strong, what you do 膽峄搈 hug himself.

Damaged motorcycle, he hinted would like this page to my sister, she ripped off ph膬ng, no need to comfort her sister, way to work, she flicked it off this page. And then there are rice cookers minutes wire broken, he said later he brought to mark this page for, not carried away found his wife sitting States c岷h cut out back, next to which is nylon, which is a light, medium, medium fast you go anywhere do anything to lose the costly back out.

Used to love each other, for every time the rain wind Thunder, you cringe in fear. That evening, the two sisters in distant from each other, I catch you calling my sister to help her sister. But the phone call at rain to Thunder is not safe, and you have to coax her into new forever blankets, sometimes you message for 1, you see that you're still to awake with my sister. At the time he saw the little sister of world stars, just want to be protected, the carrying cover for this all my life.

At that taken together, I panic. Last night the rain storms broke out, she tosses a blanket turned up, go shut, go collect clothes, and then consider whether to place soi infuse water does not. He woke up under her, she pushes him to tell: "you go to sleep, wake up, what to do, I'm right". Look at shape, little wife comes out, you see just the trader just angry.

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New Muslim love each other, she softly, sheepish at how much, now married, she boldly. Eat said no Meek as before, many at you feel, who you love and who you take is 2 completely different woman.

The student, she also likes to read books, the novel more than anything, I tell you, if you want to give gifts to children, just books is I feel like the best. What is 4 in love, the gift he donated his sister always the book or you choose. Reviews of books she just fills up every five minutes.

I married about, once you go to the fair, bags for her books about tha heavy handed. She looked at one glance and then frowned: "You buy so much that you have time to read, which would rather to buy milk for the baby." Disorient you.

Sometimes, you just wish, that price is still like sister sister 2 people love each other better. He'd been shown himself to be a strong man, can help you do these things should a man have to do in the family. So that you accidentally didn't understand. You know, you go to work by sister is hard, so the new paintings do everything, but I do like that, makes you see your role in the family on a low.

I told myself with her crush, from now on, I will try to do better than his role, will help, sharing the job with her more. So can you do a single-minded tender wife, not his dramatic is anti-as last time.=