Women with these 4 signs prove that their destiny and hard work are not rewarded

1. Too understanding the story

In fact, women who are too knowledgeable are always loved and respected by their neighbors. But unfortunately in marriage, the more women understand the more miserable the story.

Because they understand the story well, even though their husbands treated them poorly, they would not get angry, they will suffer for a long time because of being suppressed in their hearts.


2. Thinking

Sensitive women are often miserable, just a word of words makes them think awake all night. In marriage, sometimes, even a small heartless act of the husband makes the wife to think miscellaneous and worry. The type of woman who always thinks of living for others but herself does not know how to love.

3. Too omnipotent

Any woman who embraces everything is definitely miserable. Many women do everything they do not want to ask for help from their husbands. So on, the man can rely on his wife to do everything, so he keeps living without heart. The last sufferer is a woman.

4. Or unrealistic anxiety

Women often worry that even though no one has miserable themselves, they themselves are suffering themselves. In marriage, whatever they are responsible for and then strive to do to the end. And so on, they gradually pressured and miserable without people to understand.