You slapped your wife once that you would lose everything but when you forgot the words she told you and the heart was closed

From a young age, he had a patriarchal and violent nature, his parents gave birth to a child of a godly nature, though his gentle and gentle grandparents had a hot temper. Grandparents also just want to teach gradually and someday he will change.

As an adult, he did not depend on the expectations of the family, had stable jobs, was kind and hardworking

doing business, not gambling. Generally a worthy man to be a husband, only that patriarchy cannot be changed. Those who accept him as if they had to live with the whole life.

His wedding day is about to come, his mother does not say much to remind only one thing:

- Married, you must be more mature and especially have to fix your temper, too angry to lose your wisdom if you want your family to be happy


- I know I am assured that I am not a person who does not know the difference

- I know, but when I get angry, I can never control it, I should remember that I only insulted one time for 10 years and I can't make it, but if I slap my wife once, I will lose everything. His daughter-in-law is gentle, but she has high self-esteem, you have to treat her well.

He was very fast-witted, thinking that in his head, he kept worrying about it and did it too much; I don't have anything for a slap but lose everything. In general, he and his wife live together quite harmoniously, the marriage phase is very sweet and happy. Basically, in the two people who had a hot person, his wife was more psychological and more gentle to keep the family peace.

But marriage is a process, can go all the way to go through many difficulties and challenges and there will be periods of stress that both must really try to overcome together.

He and she gradually revealed similarities; he kept up the habit of smoking badly, making her feel uncomfortable. Instead of a gentle reminder like before when she started to get angry, he felt his wife was interfering in his personal life too much. So, do not respect him, do not consider him.

For a person who is so patriarchal and possessive so high, how to accept his wife is becoming more and more inaccessible. He expressed his impatience in every word that even confounded his brother and said difficult words.

He saw the astonishment in her eyes, and since then, even though the two of them had done well, he still felt his wife's distance from him. Although the words that day he had forgotten but perhaps for her, it was a minor injury.

But then again, they are still quite happy couples; then when she gave birth, the emotional cracks began to crack; she is now more for her and does not stop her husband anymore, and he is of course not obedient.


Two people who spoke again in the elevator, she helplessly shouted at him a big thing that made him angry in the unbridled drunken slap to give her a very strong slap. The boy over 1 year old screamed, her eyes no longer looked at him as surprised as the last time but a anger and despair and finally boredom.

He regretted right after that moment but later on, even if he calmly apologized to his wife or compensated her, his wife would never look at him as affectionately as before. They still live together like that, only the days are getting longer and the injuries cannot be healed.

He reflected on his mother's words: She was right, losing everything here is not money or wife and children but trust, love and respect of the woman she loves for her; knowing the consequences would be this great if he could control himself.