Your man has these 5 signs: Hold on to him

1. He always makes you smile

Although he may not have a sense of humor, it will make you smile whenever you think of him. That is the guy you deserve to give yourself. With him, certainly never worried about suffering, unhappiness.

2. He does not hesitate to introduce you to family and friends


When he truly loves men always want to give their loved ones a sure guarantee. That's why he will take you back to your parents and your friends. Let people know that your relationship with him is serious and permanent.

3. He acts more than words

A man who talks a lot but can't do it can throw it away. So, if a man says he loves you and always acts to prove it, then surely you should have peace of mind when you're around. Because he always turns to you.

4. In his eyes, you're always number 1


A sincere man will always consider you number 1 as his first priority choice. He never ranked friends behind friends, drinking parties. With him, you are everything.

5. He respects your family

If you really love and care about you, then make sure that he always actively cares and asks about your loved ones often. When meeting your friends, they behave properly, making a good impression. This is a 10 quality guy.