11 hairstyles for round face her

Messy layers hair cut

The most beautiful hairstyles for round faces are requiring master classes, although less though. Your face will be "sharpened" to go over by a slender cut with layers of different-length arrangements. The half-length short hair long layers create an embrace more efficient for hair was the first type of restraint with the hair too much, too rigid. You can leave the hair long to anywhere but at least Chin length. With this class, though you cut straight hair or curly hair to literatures are all very beautiful and fit.

Short bob hair personality

The bob hair definitely can not absent in the list of the most beautiful and fashionable hairstyle for round face for her. The horizontal length of the Chin hair style the attention to the jaw and facial bone structure forming. Thus it creates great combination between layers of cut edge along the rounded soft curly literatures with a side of face contour.

Hair cut slanted roof

Bangs would be close companion for you girls have round face. Though not every roof style will suit you, but slanted roof style then surely will not disappoint you. You ask a Barber giving you a thick roof type, longer than either side of the cheek and shorter in the middle of the forehead. With this, your face will not be "constraints" or baby looks go a way lacking balance. Roof section is also the attention of the person opposite to your eyes instead of the bottom half of the face plump.

Hair claws skewed roof party

As mentioned above, an appropriate haircut hair styles will conceal is the downside of the circular face without making my face change in a rigid way, cramped. The type of roof deflection side is one of the ideal haircut hairstyles do that, not to mention it also fits all length, therefore, you will not have to worry even if bangs are short to elongate.

Curly long hair natural wave

One of the most beautiful, natural hair styles for round faces have a girlfriend that is curly long hair style light waves. Most of you girls often make mistakes when the top short hair layer to near by roof, with the hope that this will help to create a balance with the roundness of the face, making the hair shack down and not create such an inflated level "pile of straw". However, this is completely the wrong way. What you need is the hairstyle with long layers at least horizontal curly curls outward around the ear and naturally helps to "disguise" ingenious look plump.

Long silky straight hair

Long silky straight hair is not just extremely delicate elegance but also very round face. So, you feel that straight hair every time you want to become the center of the relentlessly, admire. Straight hair creates a "veil", which helps to hide the unwanted curves and help the face look longer instead of wider.

Long hair or shoulder

The most beautiful hairstyles for round faces need her to a long hair, or at least up to shoulder, because the truth is that this is the ideal length for this face shape. Your hair too long jaw about 5.6 cm is too fine to you get with the hair and face.

Curly hair that curls outward half charm

The curly literatures will become extravagant, luxurious and beautiful on the round face if you bear in mind a few simple rules. Please select the type of curly soft curls outward instead of the "wild" curly type, you select the type of the real estate to look parki literatures loose pendulous wooly nature instead of genetic fuzzy. The curly hair style "wild" tangled poodle will be very expensive to "tame", making them soft and embracing the faces.

Long bob hair tangled poodle

Although you have to go round then you still can completely cut hair bob. However, there is a little note is different from the other side, round face shape shape does not fit with the bob hairstyle too short or too rigid, perfectly. Instead, a type of head bob a bit with the long curly, tangled poodle curls outward again is great solution.


If you have a round face, you will have to "bye-bye" with some hairstyles, but in return you'll be sticking with quite a lot of interesting and break hair. These hairstyles include many very interesting style for the hair. Bangs can cut classes, can cut the bold edge crossover punk rebellion or a feminine or claws to the roof by Galaxia fish. You can try all types, as long as the don't let the roof too short or too thin.

Hair bun Ballet style

Not the hairstyle or column horsetail would will also with her round face. For example the classic hairstyle or horsetail classic column will just as emphatically more looks of plump face, cause you like sucking candy. However, a bit of subtle variations for two of this type will help you much more lovely. You make real hair high, as high as possible. So you had the right hair style columns horsetail "Palm tree" perfect, but if you want a more delicate hair style, simply tufts of hair that section back and fixed with little candy spray keeps the folds is finished. The hairstyle Galaxia, full of artists like this will help the face look longer and more compact.=