3 Korean 'beautiful' lipstick styles, you should try it now

Brush lip gloss

3 types of super beautiful lipstick girls should try now - Figure 1 Recently, girls love the youthful, childish beauty has beautified the lips with a lip gloss. This type of lipstick creates a natural beauty that is very cute for a woman's lips, so it is also popular with many teenage girls.

First, you only need a regular lipstick. Apply a layer of foundation cream to your lips. Use a lipstick to apply lipstick to your lips or use your finger to apply lipstick to your lips, then gently apply it to your skin. This step makes your lips more beautiful and gentle.


It is very modern and it also makes the beauty enchanted with the style of lipstick. If the lipstick is gentle and sweet, the lipstick often creates a beautiful and stylish beauty.

Apply to the lip balm and foundation cream. Using your lipstick to brush your lips, make sure that you are evenly brushing your lips, avoiding the lack of sophistication. Particularly, the lips can be slightly thicker to create tension for the lips.

Finally, quickly put a thin layer of powder on the lips. The layer of chalk will make your lip gloss less glossy, easily colored.

Brush lip gloss

Current gloss does not create as much fever as the above lipstick, but for many, it is still popular. By lip gloss easy to help lips become full, smooth and full of vitality.

They still use a brush to apply lipstick to their lips, but pay attention before and after applying lipstick, apply a layer of lotion to their lips. Applying a cream to your lips after lipstick will make the lipstick shine, so the lips become full.