3 'not' when you need to remember the lipstick

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"Not" son according to feelings

Photo : 3 'not' when you need to remember the lipstick

3 No son by feelings.

On the red lipstick palette, there are many shades of different colors, each color skin tone matching to your choice. Things you need to do is just choose the right color match her lipstick. The safe choice and fit nearly every tone color is orange-red. With skin colors, orange-red or pinkish red shades will help your skin look brighter than white. Dark skin should come with bold colors such as purple or red lipstick red wine. White skin suit the majority of coloring in g so that you can choose depending on the color of the dress.

"Not" dare to try more colors in g

Many women just color using a loyal son and hesitate to try the lipsticks or darker colors, for fear of not matching faces. Occasionally, you should try using the new lipstick color to look different and more.

"No" to son stick to teeth

Kid's son too much will make you easily fall into this "shame" situation without knowledge. To remedy this, after the kid's son, be became the lips on 1 sheet of paper towels to take away excess lipstick class, and to prevent, be the mirror to be able to wipe away the part g stick on your teeth immediately.