5 beautiful natural makeup, every girl should apply to become prettier in his eyes

Know how to make up will make you have the most natural beauty prettiest. However, not everyone knows the most natural makeup methods to bring you a beauty like no makeup. Join us to discover the most natural makeup tips for girls to change their style!

1. Use only 1 moisturizer containing colored beans instead of the foundation

There are many types of seed moisturizers available. It is the cream that gives your skin the most smooth, natural glow, without feeling like using foundation. Because these moisturizers will provide a very smooth foundation. It is completely different from the thick foundation layer and is somewhat revealing to lose the natural appearance of the skin.

When applying lotion, you need to gently tap it with your fingers to soak the cream into the skin. You only use your hand to gently and gently apply. This will not lose your natural skin tone. Another small tip for you is to use concealer before applying moisturizer to the skin to keep the most natural color!

2. Use creamy blush instead of powder for the most natural makeup

Blush powder in the form of a cream has a texture that attaches more easily to the skin than powdered powders. Creamy blush layers have a deeper, softer grip. Not only that, it also gives you a natural blush beauty like skin color. Using creamy blush will bring you a natural beauty and extremely harmonious with natural skin color.

Use blush cream instead of powder for a natural makeup

Unlike other blushes, it makes the color of the cheeks dark and very unnatural. When using blush cream, you should also pay attention to only use your fingers to gently rub the cream onto the cheeks are natural and stick longer, are more colored. Just gently move your finger!

3. Apply mascara 1 time only and use eyeliner on the lower eyelid

Eyes when makeup is extremely necessary. Natural eyes will determine the fullness of the face. Many girls think that the more you wear darker eye makeup, but this is a mistake.

Should only cascara eyeliner 1 time and eyelid line eyeliner

For the most natural beauty, when applying makeup, you should only apply mascara exactly once. Just 1 time is enough to make your eyelashes thick and curled. Not only that, should also pay attention to the line under the eyes at the lower eyelids. Do not put on the eyelids as this will make your eyes too sharp and too hard to age. It will take away the natural beauty of the eyelids that you have available, not only that, but also makes you look much older.

4. Lip gloss to increase natural beauty

The usual bold lipstick tone, matte lipstick without balm and no shine will make the makeup lose the natural. One advice for you is to use lip balms. Because it can make your face more fresh and beautiful in a more natural way.

Lip gloss brings natural beauty to you

Lip gloss colors also create strange charms. In the lipstick area, you should use a lipstick to apply directly to the lower lip and dab the lips so that the glossy parts can be more evenly applied to your upper lip! Using lip balm not only helps you have a natural beauty when makeup, but also helps protect your lips from the lead layers in lipsticks too!

5. Use mineral spray when makeup

Mineral spray is one of the indispensable cosmetic items in your makeup bag. You may not know it, but mineral spray is one of the most important items in creating the most natural makeup for you.

Use mineral spray on makeup to keep makeup last longer

Normal mineral spray works to moisturize and soothe the skin whenever it is dry or in the sun. Another great use is its ability to hold on to makeup for longer and can be used in place of powder to help keep the makeup natural. Try using mineral spray instead of using powder on makeup today to see if there is any difference.