5 minute makeup in the morning for her busy

(MissNews)-with only the basic steps when makeup is not lost time will help the Department better a lot., makeup, lipstick, blush, cheeks pink, ...


In the evening, after the bath, you wrap the hair when hair is still slightly moist. When you wake up, your hair will ever floatin' up the Bong, then you only need to use your hands instead of a comb to comb the curls into place.

Simple eyeliner

Photo : 5 minute makeup in the morning for her busy

5 minute makeup in the morning for her busy You should simple eye makeup before coming to work.

Most window-eyes are the soul her utmost care with striated, blend the color accordingly. However if you only have 5 minutes in the morning before going to work, then this will tidy your time consuming. Instead, just mascara, eyeliner eye guys is your eyes look was very good.

Perfect background layer

For her work, morning time is often not enough to make up a face perfect makeup from class, the liner to the background layer. Therefore, before hitting background, you should use mineral spray to moisturize the face, then choose the type of cream just had the effect of soft, nourishing both lining to your skin always protected, this process does not cost much to 1 minute to complete.

Perfecting the face with lipstick and cheek chalk

You should select the type of lipstick fits his outfit to wear that day, such as should not wear red but orange lipstick, it will hit making faces and your outfit that day lost Hexagram and inconsistent. Should choose fresh, gentle and lipstick color matching the dress to you confidently throughout the long day, after cars, son, you use a blush spreads are either side of the cheek, nose to the face is Pinky the wild and full of life.