6 ways to makeup for Valentine's day more radiant, you should pay attention offline

Knowing that you are pretty, lovely and have a lot of good makeup experience for yourself, but if you apply one of the following makeup tips, you will surely be more attractive and radiant in the It's Valentine's day!

Choose "deep deep" red lipstick

Instead of choosing a bright red lip color or a pink / orange lipstick that is too bright, this Valentine night you should impress "the other half" with an attractive red lipstick. The red lipstick "so deep" such as earth red, red brown, red brick will help you increase the charm, mysterious a few more steps, even luxurious in any circumstances.

Mark the eyes of the breast

Certainly there are no boys who are not bewitched if you makeup eyes glitter, sparkling than usual. So Valentine's Day is about to come, you should seriously choose the eyeshadow "to" fascinate the opponent. Of course, you do not need to beat your eyes as if you are going to party, but choose the main rose gold eye color to be more beautiful, more elegant, not too "dirt cake" just enough to attract attention.

Peach cardboard makeup

The softer, more beautiful Valentine is, the more he scores. So, don't ignore this cute and cute peach peach makeup style. Because you only need to choose lipstick color, cheek color, eye tone tone, slightly light orange to help your face look younger and easier to pet. This makeup style also gives you a natural, standard makeup style "no makeup".

Eyeliner eyeliner

This makeup technique may make it difficult for girls who are "dreamers" in eyeliner, but for those who are makeup lovers, making the eyes more attractive and strange with eyeliner completely completely within reach. but. But wait, you don't need the eyeliner to be too thick or too sharp, you just need to focus on creating a bit of a mischievous line at the back of the eye, making it feel like the "wings" of the eyes are very fine already!

The lips are full

Temporarily forget the hard lips one day, because on Valentine's night, you should choose for yourself the tint lip gloss, the lip balm or the light lip balm that overlaps the previous matte lipstick layer, to the mirror More radiant, lovely face. Just a layer of lip gloss on top, you will see a different appearance, no longer appear ugly lip grooves or dry, dehydrated dry skin, but only juicy lips like ripe fruit.

Pink cheeks

In the end, don't be superficial with the step of hitting the cheek. The colors that suggest you are orange peach, peach pink, persimmons are "young" beautiful auto. Depending on the makeup style, girls can choose different blush, matte or cream. But anyway, the advice is still to apply a moderate amount, just enough to color naturally, not too dark or light like nothing.