8 points page error trapped in the bride

wedding dress is definitely the most important things in your wedding, but don't be so forgotten the makeup. Here are 8 error that the bride is usually ...

1. Not a makeup test

Surely you will have to enjoy and happy with the portfolio of a photographer before deciding to select him for his wedding. So why ignore the "check the technique" of make-up? This is a really important step. You need to find out the things you want to correct or not satisfied with the face after the make up, before ... too late.

2. Looks like a stranger in his big day

"This is not the time to experiment with the new decorative style ..." artist Joanna Schlip famous makeup said. "That means if you've never tried before, smoke eyes hit the wedding never is on to you test it.

3. focus on face and ignore the rest of the body

If you would wear a wedding dress, gorgeous breasts, that crank means the chest, arms, back and legs will reveal. Let's "solve" those areas with shimmer from skin cream to create light. If not, you risk appearing in the wedding ceremony with a full skin patchy. Mix a few drops from Carpet Kolour Luminous Body Glow with cream background and DAB all over your skin.

4. The forgotten product "waterproof"

On your wedding day, all emotions can take place. From the hug and Kiss, dancing and even tears. Therefore, all products are used, from the cream background, pink cheeks, chalk, chalk, eye mascara ... should in the form budgeproof.

5. Do not prepare a mini makeup Kit

Your wedding day can last longer than you thought. So, let's think about the preparation of a set of handy makeup and neat to carry. That way you can edit the layers of makeup in the bathroom of a super fast way at any time if you do not have a professional makeup artist.

6. cream-light blocks generate abuse

You may want to look brilliant in your wedding day, but don't overdo the cream created blocks. Please only apply highlighter on the cheekbones, the nose and the inside cavity of the eye.

7. Skip the creamy layer lining

You don't necessarily need a cream liner, but it will make your makeup class much. You also do not need to apply the cream liner on the entire face, but instead, just use in those areas tend to be greasy oils like forehead, T-zone and Chin. Finally, make sure that you use a cream layer fuzzy lining so that in case your sweat cream layer patchy.

8. cream background Layer too thick

You said that the cream background will help you to have a perfect skin than in the photos? True vice versa. A background layer too thick will cause you to look not to seem natural. A creamy waterproof background layer is all that you need.=

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