Admire the pure and gentle beauty of Duy Manh's daughter

Famous after the song `` Kiep red '', which caused a fever for a while, the singer - songwriter Duy Manh is now 44 years old, no longer regular entertainment activities. However, the outspoken, humorous personality expressed on social networks has made the name Duy Manh still strongly attract the attention of the people.

On his personal Facebook page, Duy Manh regularly posts pictures with his little son, Manh Cam. Therefore, many people forget that Duy Manh also has a big daughter named Thu Cam. It is known that she is currently an international student in Italy.

Besides the young Manh Cam, Duy Manh also has a lovely daughter born in 2000 named Thu Cam.

Not only good guitar, good sing, Thu Cam also makes people remember by the sparkling appearance not inferior to the hotgirls on social networks. Born in 2000, Thu Cam at the age of 19 impressed the eyes of the people by her beautiful natural appearance and long standard black hair. Possessing a delicate face, big round eyes, Duy Manh's daughter looks like a clear and full of vitality of a girl at the most beautiful age in her life.

In particular, unlike many other teenage girls, Duy Manh's daughter shows simplicity in makeup, regardless of daily life or at special occasions. She always pursues natural makeup, from clear background, gentle blush to fresh lipstick. Therefore, in the eyes of the people, the princess of Duy Manh is like a good, gentle lady.

Thu Cam impresses the people with the beautiful natural face, bright and gentle.

The harmonious face with big round eyes brings a strong attraction to her appearance.

The long, long black hair makes the image of Duy Manh's daughter extremely feminine, exactly like Vietnamese girls.

Not pursuing a sophisticated makeup style like many girls of the same age, Thu Cam likes natural makeup.

Gentle makeup style and fresh lipstick help Thu Cam easily score in people's eyes.

By skillfully adding thin eyeliners, Thu Cam has been able to increase the attractiveness of the eyes, while preserving the natural look of the overall makeup layer.

It can be seen that the natural makeup style is very suitable for girls in their twenties like Thu Cam. But at the same time, it is also considered to be a great age-hacking makeup style for U30 and U40 girls. With pastel tones, gentle, elegant lipstick, natural makeup will help to bring a clear, full of vitality to her appearance.

Here are a few notes for girls who are still confused about how to apply makeup to complete a beautiful natural beauty:

- Use moisturizer before makeup: Using moisturizer before makeup is an important step to help her get a clear, smooth foundation. On the contrary, skipping this step will easily cause cakey condition, making her face become unnatural.

The use of moisturizer before makeup will make the skin smooth and glossy, easy to chalk, bring a light foundation.

- Choose liquid foundation or use liquid chalk: Notice that the solid foundation will often be difficult to spread evenly on the skin, easily causing the foundation to be thick, unnatural. That is why in recent years, many girls often give preference to liquid foundation or liquid makeup (cushion). Thanks to containing water, some even contain nutrients that are beneficial for the skin, these two makeup cosmetics will help bring a clear foundation with a slight shine, perfecting her radiant appearance. calling somebody younger than you meaning you.

- Shorten the makeup steps such as concealer, make up, highlight: To get a natural makeup layer, girls, please reduce the sophisticated steps such as concealer, make up or highlight. . While the concealer is much thicker, less natural, the block, highlight, fake eyelids, . will make the face more sharp, losing the courtesy needed .

The girls are better off shortening the sophisticated makeup steps to preserve the natural look for the overall face.

- Use light colored lip balm or soft lip gloss: Although matte lipstick often has more trendy tones, it also makes lips easily dry, flaky. That will accidentally make the overall makeup become less natural. Therefore, girls who want to complete a clean Korean makeup layout should choose lip balm with color or light lip gloss to create a plump lips.