Beauty tips is extremely simple with fresh ginger

not only is a very familiar and almost always available in our kitchen compartment, ginger was found to be a material role.

The deep scar fade

Ginger contains elements such as vitamin B1, B6 and mineral types ... can inhibit the growth of the skin cells were aging, weakening and prevent the development of scarring.

Thai fresh ginger into thin slices and then rub over the scar skin, then up to ginger up the deep scars from 3-5 minutes. Applied methods on the 2-3 times daily, after 2 weeks of intensive skin part will return to normal.

Acne treatment

You can mix into the water to wash the face a little hot ginger water, use once a day, to help reduce acne and anti-aging. There are many skin freckles and bruises, this also has the effect.

Foot stress relief

The foot each evening with ginger will reduce the feeling of pain, fatigue, dispel sickness and gas circulation. If the sisters want to have a clean skin acne and pinky, the foot intervals will work very well.

Use a pot of warm water, 2 spoons of fresh ginger small foot, rubbing in round 15-20 minutes before going to bed. Then wipe dry the legs by cotton towel and combine measures for foot massage gently to increase the effect.

Treat dandruff

Ginger is considered antiseptic, so can use warm ginger shampoo alternative to overcome this problem. First Thai fresh ginger into small pieces or crushed, then up on the scalp about 10-15 minutes, eventually taking a warm ginger shampoo water clean again. If want to kill dandruff thoroughly, apply 3 times per week.

Skin rejuvenation

Ginger helps to warm the body, create new vigor, more energetic. You can use the to exfoliation per week 2 times help your skin fresh, smooth light.

The mixture consists of 1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 cup olive oil, 2 spoonful of chopped ginger, 1 lemon fresh. Stir the mixture in a small bowl and massage the body was wet within 15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water you will have unexpected results.

Some mixed beauty skin from ginger

Strawberry ginger exfoliation

Ingredients:-2 Strawberry-1 branch fresh ginger-1 spoon of pure sugar-honey, ginger powder-Few drops of essential oil of aromatic grass

How to do: For Strawberry and Ginger were crushed into the grinder and grind until evenly mixed, smooth, sticky paste. Add sugar, honey and Ginger powder, a bit of the same few drops of fragrant oil. In strawberries contains alpha-hydroxy acid, helps to remove the dead cells on the skin clean and fresh ginger will return to you your skin fresh, energetic new.

Ginger sugar exfoliation

Ingredients:-1 table spoon of brown sugar-1 spoonful of oatmeal-1 spoons olive oil-a few drops of essential oil of the flower that you like (not required)-honey, ginger has crushed

How to do it: mix pure sugar with oatmeal, then add olive oil together honey and Ginger were crushed. A few small drops of clove oil if you like. Then stir the mixture, apply to the skin under the circular motion to brown sugar and Ginger swept off the layer of dead cells, dirt, return the smooth white skin. If the full body for exfoliation, you just need to increase the amount of raw materials were prepared.

Ginger salt exfoliation

Ingredients:-1 table spoon of sea salt-apricot Oil or avocado oil-honey, ginger crush-few drops lemon essential oil or essential oil scented grass

How to do it: mix all ingredients and exfoliation as usual. Sea salt skin cleansing effect and natural antiseptic. Honey both skin cleansing, cell regeneration. Besides, ginger just help treat scars and help white rose effectively.

Exfoliation with ginger and coconut oil

Material-1/4 cup coconut oil-1 spoon ginger have minced-1/4 cup of jojoba oil, sunflower oil, or almond oil-1 cup of pure sugar

How to do: boil the ginger and coconut oil on the trick small pan until fragrant in minutes. Then mix together almond oil. When the mixture has become cold, warm up the bowl and add the sugar. Stir the mixture and full body massage.

Note: Just rub the mixture this gentle exfoliation on the skin. Continue the massage until the sugar or salt completely disappeared. Rinse with warm water and soon it is cold water. This helps stimulate the blood circulation and increases the activity of purification, detoxification of the body. Thus, your skin will become smooth, dashing, more light. Pat the skin dry and use your favorite moisturizing after exfoliation.=

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