Blown thank you acne with baking soda and orange juice

Baking soda is no stranger to the methods of women's beauty. They are antiseptic, clean away the dirt is the cause of sealing pores, creating blackheads hated it. Because baking soda "cleansed" is quite strong, so I combine orange juice mixture, just provide the necessary moisture, moderate vitamin C, great efficiency of skin oil.

How this mask mixture of simple poles, first I squeezed a little orange juice in a bowl.

Then, add 1 volume of baking soda for to form the mixture slightly, enough to make up them up.

Usually I'm up 1 thin layers up front, bịêt is the T, yielding more oil and more thank you acne. After 5 minutes, I'm up a mask layer up and wait about 10 minutes. You also can completely offset 1 thin layer, and spent the remaining mask for the neck skin, where less than other skin care.

At first, I found this mask type uncomfortably smell of baking soda, then a few minutes, then see the face slightly itchy feeling ran and shady. But it is at baking soda are "active" and cleanses your skin work for you. After a few minutes, the mask dries very fast. Before you wash your face clean with water, I use a lighter massage fingers according to clockwise, just combine the massage the face, just to baking soda works are the most effective exfoliation.

To minimize acne really thank you, I apply this method of 2-3 times per week. Later, when the skin has clean white, soft and less acne than bran, I reduced to once a week. Now I no longer have to worry about the black strongly stain human nose because acne thank you again, and really friendly with mixture of exfoliation acne this marvellous bran flight rating.=